Benefits of Mentorship

CURCE supports faculty mentorship of undergraduate students – from longstanding, experienced mentors to instructors interested in getting started.

Benefits include:

• Engaging in undergraduate research mentorship provides tailored opportunities for synergy in faculty teaching and research activities through independent studies, research methods and immersion courses, courses with research components, or grant-supported programs.

• Courses with a research component are rewarding, appreciated, and potentially transformative for students.

• Undergraduate research assistants help to complete or expand aspects of faculty projects.

• Student grants may bring resources to team projects.  Supplies, services, materials, etc. must be clearly defined and used by the undergraduate student recipient.

• Student conference participation helps to disseminate faculty research or mentorship efforts to a broader audience.

• Mentoring of undergraduates represents an important “broader impact” criteria for the evaluation of federal grant applications.

• Student post-graduate success reflects positively on mentors, the home department, and the reputation of our R-1 university.

• Mentorship contributes to faculty teaching excellence dossiers for tenure and promotion.

• Undergraduate research involvement contributes to cohort-building, and a vibrant intellectual student culture within the major.

• The university recognizes faculty membership through awards such as the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising, the Chancellor’s and University Awards for Excellence in Teaching, the CAS Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching, and the Excellence in Experiential Learning Faculty Award.

 CURCE Services that Support Mentorship

• We offer funding for undergraduates in need of goods, services, or travel to complete their projects, and there are other internal and external awards that students can apply for (click here). Undergraduates may also apply for funding through CURCE's two student excellence awards:  the Situation Prize for Research (click here) and the Sorrell Chesin Research Award (click here)

• We assist faculty in the professional growth of their students by underwriting student memberships in national organizations in their fields through our Accelerator Grants.  Students presenting their research as part of a class requirement, or at a conference can also submit to have CURCE print their poster (click here)

• We provide workshops, events, and programs to support student development as scholars. Visit our Events page for more information! (click here)

• We assist undergraduates and mentors in locating NSF REU paid summer research experiences and other, related external research internships, funding, and scholarships on campus and abroad.  Students may request more information by emailing our team: 

• We can assist you in promoting and recruiting students for your opportunities!  Submit your opportunity here (LINK).

• We showcase student and mentor collaborative research projects with features on our website, articles submitted in our newsletter and to SUNY-wide experiential learning newsletters, and refer projects for coverage with the Office of Communications and Marketing. Email our team: 

• We provide information to groups or individual faculty memberships on prospects for establishing and NSF REU grant to support on campus research opportunities for undergraduates in a variety of fields. Faculty may browse these programs by field on the NSF website (click here).  You can then email the CURCE team for any support needed.

• We give presentations on methods and models for involvement of undergraduates in research that result productive and rewarding experiences for faculty and students alike.

• Join us on November 22, 2019 for “Methods and Models in Undergraduate Research Across the Disciplines",  sponsored through SUNY’s Conversations in the Disciplines program. Registration will be live in September!

• CURCE hosts the Annual UAlbany Undergraduate Conference where your students can present posters or give oral presentations. This event is the only opportunity for students from all departments, schools, and colleges to share their work and network with each other. Check here for more information (click here)