19th Annual Student Conference

Friday, April 22, 2022

3:30-6:30 PM

Lecture Center Concourse

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Conference Application Tips

Abstract Writing

Poster Presentation

Oral Presentation Resources


Conference Application Tips

  • Presentation Format Options for the 19th Annual Student Conference
    • Art Installation: The project is displayed in the LC Concourse and the artist provides descriptions of the work. 
    • Multimedia Presentations:  may include short film, animations, sound clips, or a range of other media. You will need to inform us at the time of application if you need technical equipment or access to a classroom to share your work.
    • Performances:  can include readings, spoken word,  music, theatre, dance, and other performance arts. You will need to inform us at the time of application if you need technical equipment or access to a classroom to share your work.
    • Poster Presentation:  presented using a poster that highlights key aspects of the research project including: research question, methods, results, analysis, and future directions. Presenters will share their work during the poster presentation session and will answer questions of attendees. It is recommended that presenters prepare a "elevator pitch" that quickly summarizes their research and key findings. For information on preparing a research poster, visit the Student Resources Page and click on the 'How do I make a Research Poster'
    • NOTE: due to adaptation to the conference in response to event management practices for COVID-19 Oral Presentations are not currently included as an option for presentation style in 2022. If a student presenter would like to discuss this please contact CURCE directly via email ([email protected]
  • Key Information you should have before starting the Conference Application
    • Presentation Title & Abstract
    • Presentation Topic (keyword(s) that describer your project)
    • Names & UAlbany email addresses for any co-presenters
    • Name, Email and Department for at least one faculty supervisor

Abstract Writing

What is an Abstract?

An abstract is a 150 to 250 word paragraph that provides readers and conference attendees with a concise summary of your project presentation.

There are a few different types of Abstracts. The most commonly used are the Descriptive Abstract and the Informative Abstract.

Descriptive Abstracts are used in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Will describe the major points of the project to the reader
  • Will include the project background and the focus of the project
  • Should NOT include methods, results or conclusion

Informative Abstracts are used in the sciences and engineering fields.

  • Will include the essential points of the project
  • Briefly summarizes: background, purpose, focus, methods, results, and findings/conclusions.

Make an Appointment with the Writing Center

Attend the CURCE Abstract Writing Workshop on February 17, 2022. Register in Advance 

Poster Presentation

Accessible Poster Presentations by APHA

A poster presentation is a great way to showcase your research! This allows you to visually outline your project while also conversing directly with conference attendees.

Instructions for creating a poster using a PC

Instructions for creating a poster using a Mac

Poster template

Attend one of the CURCE Research Poster Workshops for support on creating your poster! Register in Advance

Oral Presentation Resources

Video: Loren Frank - One way to Give a Talk