17th Annual Student Conference

Update regarding the UAlbany Student Conference:
The conference will now be held online instead of in person! 

Instructions for Participating in CURCE’s online Annual Student Research Conference

April 28, 2020 10am - 5pm

Quick Access:

Sessions at a Glance

How to join our Blackboard conference hosting page

How the conference is organized

How to upload your presentations

How to join our Blackboard conference hosting page:

• To participate in the conference, we ask you to “self-enroll” (join) CURCE’s Blackboard Community site:

• Click this link: https://tinyurl.com/u4ulwre

• Then, log in to Blackboard as you normally do (net id/password).

• You will see a RED error message – do not worry! Look for the GREEN “enroll” button (just below the left navigation menu). Click to Enroll.

• You will be brought to the “Enroll in Organization: Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement". CLICK SUBMIT. 

• After you receive the “Action Successful” message, CLICK OK at bottom (very important).

Viewers! Students, faculty mentors, and members of the UAlbany community who would like to view the conference must also “self-enroll” – it takes just a few minutes!

How the conference is organized:

• There are 23 sessions, organized by common themes; each session will take place as a separate Discussion Forum. 

 The list of sessions is in the left column of the Blackboard page.

• Each presenter will have their own thread in their session, where there presentation will be posted, viewed, and interactive Q&As made possible by replies to the thread. Presenters may opt to “dress up” their threads with commentary, graphics (right click, choose image, in a “reply” to your thread), or biographical information.

• The conference will be available asynchronously and synchronously. Recorded presentations will be loaded in advance. Viewers may peruse them on their own time, or log in during designated 1-2 hour periods per session.

Session times! Presenters should log into their session forums during designated time periods, and they should view the presentations in their session, offer feedback, and check for questions and comments on their project. Also check back later in the day to see if late replies have been submitted.

How to upload your presentations:

There are four options. Select one and email your link or file to CURCE at ugr@albany.edu and copy mmasson@albany.edu.

Option 1 (Silent Option) Send us your file, in pdf form (preferred), or in PowerPoint, word, or as a jpg. We can post it on your thread for viewers to peruse.

Option 2 (Zoom Recording) Prepare a Zoom recording of your presentation and send it to CURCE as soon as possible (April 20 is ideal as we need time to post 168 presentations)! It’s simpler than it sounds. 

1) Prepare your powerpoint presentation or poster file in advance, open it on your computer.
2) Log into your Zoom account.
3) Open a “personal meeting” by simply hitting the “new meeting” button on your home Zoom page.
4) Once in your Zoom meeting, click “share screen” tab at bottom and select your opened powerpoint (or other media) shown in the browser.
5) Hit “record session” (it should record to the cloud). Record your oral presentation (under 15 minutes, please). 

Option 3 (Powerpoint Recording) In “Slide Show” mode in Powerpoint, click the record slideshow button. When you have finished, export the file as a video recording. Email CURCE the mp4 file that PowerPoint generates.

Option 4 (Media of Your Choice) If you have a YouTube or some other media account, record your presentation there and send us a link. Viewers will be able to paste the URL into their browser.

For more information, please contact UGR@albany.edu regarding the conference. 

Faculty interested in integrating the conference into their class for Spring 2020 may contact the CURCE team via email at UGR@albany.edu

Sponsored by:

The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education