Child and Family Therapy Clinic

University at Albany’s Psychological Services Center

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The Child and Family Therapy Clinic

The Child and Family Therapy Clinic is part of the University at Albany’s Psychological Services Center, a community-based resource open to individuals and families throughout the Capital District. This specialty clinic comprises licensed psychologists, psychological associates, and doctoral level psychology trainees with expertise in family and behavioral psychology. Services are provided by doctoral level trainees and are supervised closely by faculty members of the University at Albany’s Clinical Psychology Program. The clinic offers psychotherapy and assessment services for children and adolescents. Our therapists provide family-focused treatment for the child, parents, and other caregivers, both individually and in small groups.

Our Treatment Services

Brief Telephone Interview

When first calling the Child and Family Therapy Clinic, you will speak with a member of our support staff who will ask for some basic information. Next, one of our Psychological Services Center therapists will speak with you to conduct a brief (10-15 min.) telephone interview. The goal of this initial interview is for us to have a good understanding of the nature of your concerns so that we can help make an informed decision about the most appropriate treatment options to meet your family’s needs. An appointment for a more comprehensive initial evaluation may then be scheduled.

Evaluation and Treatment

Our specialty team begins treatment by conducting initial assessments through clinical interviews, parent questionnaires, and direct observation. Our interventions are based on scientific research that indicates which treatments are most effective for particular childhood difficulties. These treatments are then tailored to meet the specific needs of each child, parent, and family. Our methods aim to address behavioral and emotional problems, as well as any impairment in social, academic, or family functioning. In addition to working directly with children, we work closely with their parents and caregivers. We can also collaborate with schools, day care providers, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and other providers, such as social services agencies, to ensure our clients receive comprehensive care and have access to the services and resources they need.

Behavior Problems Addressed

Adjustment difficulties (i.e., school change, divorce, death, moving, etc.)



Anxiety / Worry / Fears

Attention Problems / Hyperactivity

Depression / Mood Problems

Behavior problems

Grief counseling

Impulse control problems

Medical regimen adherence

Mild self-injury


Parent-child conflict and relationship issues

School behavior problems

Sleep difficulties

Social skills deficits


Toileting problems


Hours and Location

The Child and Family Therapy Clinic is located within the University at Albany’s Psychological Services Center at 299 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12206. It is easily accessible on the CDTA busline, and parking is available nearby.

The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and two to four evenings per week until 8:00 p.m.  Hours are subject to vary by semester.

Referrals and Appointments

To make a referral or schedule an appointment with the Child and Family Therapy Clinic, please call: 518-442-4900