CDTA and UAlbany Bus Services

University students who are registered for the current semester, and current University employees, can ride all UAlbany Mass Transit bus services by using their UAlbany ID Card.

What bus routes do I have access to with my UAlbany ID Card?

UAlbany Mass Transit services include all UAlbany bus routes and all CDTA bus routes. For more information on bus route and schedules that you can use with your UAlbany ID Card, visit the UAlbany Mass Transit Site

I lost my UAlbany ID Card and replaced it with a new UAlbany ID Card, how soon can I swipe my card to ride the CDTA bus?

If you lose your UAlbany ID Card and replace it with a new UAlbany IDCard, it will take 3 business days for CDTA to update their system with your new UAlbany ID Card magnetic stripe information.  As a result, when you swipe your UAlbany ID Card to ride the CDTA bus, you may be denied from riding until the CDTA system is fully updated. 

When does my access to CDTA bus routes with my UAlbany ID Card expire?

If you are not registered for classes during the current semester or are not a current University employee, you will be denied from riding UAlbany Mass Transit bus routes with your UAlbany ID Card.