UAlbany Alert

What is it?

UAlbany Alert is the official platform for the University to communicate with all members of the campus community on matters of  emergency, as well as weather-related class delays and closures.

Upon signing up to receive these notification, the system sends e-mail, phone and text messages to all members of the campus community who have provided their contact information.

How to Sign Up

Any person with access to My UAlbany can register for this service by logging into MyUAlbany and choosing "UAlbany Alert" in the “Self-Service” area.

Your UAlbany email address is registered by default so all community members will receive notifications via email. You may add a second email if you have a personal email you want notifications to be sent to, or if you want the notification to be sent to another person’s email. You may also provide cell phone numbers to receive text message alerts and phone numbers (either cell or land line) to receive voice alerts.

We recommend that all community members list their most-utilized phone number for text messaging and voice messages, thereby allowing the University to have the best information to reach the campus community.

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