What is it?

The University at Albany is one of many State University campuses that has adopted an emergency messaging service offered through the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) and the State University of New York (SUNY).

The system will allow the University at Albany to communicate on matters of CRITICAL EMERGENCIES with all members of the University community who sign up for this service.

The system allows e-mail, phone and text messages to be sent automatically to all members of the campus community who have provided their contact information.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up for this service by logging on to MyUAlbany and choosing "SUNY NY-Alert Emergency contact Info". Registered students and current Faculty and Staff are eligible to sign up this way.-

If you choose to receive the alerts, you must provide at least one e-mail address. You may also provide a cell phone number and provider to receive text message alerts and a phone number, either cell or land line, to receive voice alerts.

An enrollee can register up to 3 phone numbers, and the system will try each number up to 3 times. This means that the system will try to call the enrollee up to a maximum of 9 times. When a call is answered, and the person answering presses a number (to confirm they are not an answering machine), the system will consider the enrollee contacted and attempt to remove the other registered numbers from the calling queue. Depending on circumstances, this means that not all registered numbers for an enrollee will necessarily be called. We advise that you list your most-used number for text messaging and/or your most-used number for voice messages.

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