Campus Gold


Campus Gold is an advance of up to $650 per semester that is available to any student. Students who request Campus Gold are typically waiting for financial aid to arrive and are in need of purchasing textbooks/course materials and supplies at the University Bookstore and/or food at campus dining locations.

Once registered for fall or spring classes, you can request Campus Gold by logging into ID Card Office Portal. Registered students can request funds for approximately four weeks before and two weeks after the start of each fall and spring semester. Campus Gold cannot be used to pay your E-Bill (tuition, fees etc.)

Who do I contact for more information about Campus Gold?

Contact the ID Card Office by email or by phone (518) 442-5989. Or, stop by the ID Card Office (CC B-52) during their hours of operation

Can Campus Gold be used in vending machines?

Yes, Campus Gold can be used in vending machines. If an ID Card is used at a vending machine, the machine is programmed to debit funds in the following order: Munch Money, Podium, Campus Gold, Discount Dollars.

Can Campus Gold be used off-campus?

During the first four weeks of each semester, Campus Gold can only be used on campus. If you elected to have any Campus Gold balance at the end of the first four weeks of the semester maintained in your Podium account, you will be able to use that Podium balance on campus and at select off-campus vendors.

Can I add more funds to my Campus Gold account?

The maximum amount that can be requested is $650. All requests must be made within the first 10 business days of the semester.

Does my Campus Gold balance roll over?

Campus Gold funds only last for the first four weeks of the semester. Any remaining balance will be converted to either Podium funds or refunded to your student account depending on your selection when requesting Campus Gold.

Can I receive a refund for my unused Campus Gold funds?

When you requested Campus Gold, you indicated how you would like your balance managed at the end of the fourth week of the fall or spring semester. If you made more than one request, the selection you made last will be applied to your entire balance. If you decided to have your Campus Gold balance refunded, it will be removed from your UAlbany ID Card and refunded to your student account. If you have paid your tuition bill in full, a refund check will be mailed to your home address. If you decided to have your balance maintained as Podium, it will be rolled into your Podium balance and is subject to the Podium Account Inactivity Fee & Refund Policy.