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Forms are organized on this page by the appropriate topic or area of Human Resources.  Forms can also be found in alphabetical order by using the HR A to Z index.

    Appointment Forms  |  Due Dates

    EMP-1 New Employee Information Form - required for all new employees and rehired employees after a break in service of a year or more.
    VOL-2 Volunteer and Unpaid Employee Form
    HRM-1 Position Authorization Request Form
    HRM-2 Appointment Request Form & Directions - in addition to this form, please have all new employees, or employees rehired after a break in service of a year or more, complete the EMP-1 form.
    HRM-3 Change of Status Request Form & Directions
    HRM-4 Appointment Request Form for GA & TA
    UP-8A Internal Extra Service


    Appointment Packet Items

    I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)  &  Instructions
    Required of any new employee or rehired employee with a break in service of a year or more.


    *New version expiring 8/31/2019 will be the only acceptable version of this form effective 1/22/2017.

    *This form was recently updated by USCIS (2017), using a newer version of Adobe Reader. If this form does not open in your browser, please use the download icon to save the document to your computer, or open using Internet Explorer.  A printable version (not a fillable form) is available here.

    Affirmation of Initial Service
    EMP-1- Required of any new employee or rehired employee with a break in service of a year or more..
    Employee Access and Compliance Agreement (EACA)
    Form IT-2104(NYS) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
    Form W-4 (Federal) Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate
    HRM-4 Required Forms for Graduate & Teaching Assistants, Resident Assistants and Fellowships 
    Professional Background Information and Vita Form (AP-4)
    Oath Card (State Employee Statement in Lieu of Oath Pursuant to Civil Service Law §62 and Public Officers Law §78 Certificate--Form DS-1690)(PDF)
    Verification of Employee Credentials


    Application for Change in Title or Salary (CC-2) (NYS Civil Service Form)
    Application for Classified Service Employment

    Extra Service

    Extra Service Approval Request Form (UP-8A)
    Extra Service Approval Request Form for M/C employees (UP-6)
    Extra Service Voucher
    Request for Approval of Dual Employment (AC-1588)

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