Human Resources

Staff Directory

(518) 437-4700

Randy Stark, Associate Vice President & Ethics Officer

Denise Szelest, Director

Joanne Bocchino, Secretary II

Andrea Navedo, Administrative Assistant I

Professional Services - (518) 437-4720 

Kate Thies, Assistant Director

Melissa Starman, Personnel Associate

Sheila McCaffrey, Personnel Associate

Andrea Lomanto, Personnel Associate

Janice Wilkens, Secretary I

Linda Novello, Office Assistant 2

Classified Services - (518) 437-4722

Aaron McCloskey, Assistant Director

Stephen Mead, Secretary I

Employee Benefits (State) - (518) 437-4729

Merissa L. Mabee, Benefits Manager

Kathy Zazarine, Health Benefits Administrator

Alana Bennett, Benefits Assistant

Jennifer Ali, Secretary I

Julie Snide, Office Assistant 2

Employee Relations and Training - (518) 437-4702

Randy Stark, Associate Vice President

Lynne Shultis, Employee Relations Associate

Cathy Tretheway, Employee Relations Associate

Christine Priest, Coordinator, Training & Development

International Employee Services - (518) 437-4700

Kate Thies, Manager

Tina Gitto, International Employment and Tax Coordinator

Payroll - (518) 437-3830 or

Lynne Cable, Payroll Manager

Denise Salerno, Payroll Examiner 2

Lisa Maxwell, Payroll Examiner 1

Dale Whitman, Payroll Examiner 1

Miguel Concepcion, Payroll Examiner 1

Ryan Perrott, Payroll Assistant

Noufel Berdi, Payroll Assistant

Debra Selig, Office Assistant 2

Time and Attendance - (518) 437-4715 or

Merissa Mabee, Manager

Benjamin Towne, Time Records and Leave Administrator

Jennifer Killens, Office Assistant 2