Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged UAlbany ID Card

Please refer back to the COVID Update for Fall 2020 regarding the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged UAlbany ID Card.

What should I do if I have lost my UAlbany ID Card?

If you misplace, lose or believe your UAlbany ID Card has been stolen, you must deactivate it as soon as possible. The person, to whom a UAlbany ID Card has been issued, is responsible for keeping their card secure and is liable for all activity on the UAlbany ID Card until it is deactivated. Refunds are not provided for money or meals fraudulently spent on a UAlbany ID Card.

For your protection, cashiers who accept UAlbany ID Card as a form of payment will verify that the card belongs to the person making the purchase and will not accept a UAlbany ID Card as a form of payment if the photo on the card does not match the person using the card. Additionally, cashiers may require a second form of photo identification for purchases made with a UAlbany ID Card or credit card.

How can I deactivate my UAlbany ID Card if it is lost or I believe it has been stolen, and can I receive a temporary card?

  1. Immediately Online: You can immediately deactivate your UAlbany ID Card online. This will lock your UAlbany ID Card so that no else can use your card. If you do not know where your UAlbany ID Card is, we highly recommend you deactivate it immediately online since this is the most expedient way to protect your card from fraudulent usage.
  2. In Person at the ID Card Office: You can stop by the ID Card Office during normal business hours to have your card deactivated. The ID Card Office is located in Campus Center B52 and is open Mon – Fri 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (8 am to 4 pm during Summer Hours).
  3. In Person at UPD or your residence office: You can stop by the University Police Department or your residence office to have your UAlbany ID Card deactivated whenever the ID Card Office is closed.
    • Students can receive a temporary Dane It card from UPD or your residence office when the ID Card Office is closed. The temporary Dane It card will provide access to your residence hall and your Meal Plan.
    • When the ID Card Office reopens, students are required to return the temporary Dane It card to the ID Card Office and follow the process to replace their previously issued UAlbany ID Card (see below).

If I find my UAlbany ID Card after I have deactivated it, can it be reactivated?

If you find your UAlbany ID Card or have it returned to you after you have deactivated it, you can now go online or bring it to the ID Card Office to have it reactivated. The ID Card Office cannot reactivate a card that was previously replaced.

How can I replace a lost, stolen or damaged UAlbany ID Card?

If your UAlbany ID Card is lost, stolen or damaged and you need to replace it, visit the ID Card Office located in Campus Center B52 to have it replaced. The fee to replace a lost, stolen or visibly damaged UAlbany ID Card is $20.

Once a UAlbany ID Card has been replaced by a new one, the previously issued UAlbany ID Card will be permanently deactivated. The $20 UAlbany ID Card replace fee is non-refundable should you locate your previous UAlbany ID Card after a new one has been issued to you.

  • With the exception of the UAlbany ID Card CDTA bus service, all UAlbany ID Card services previously assigned to your card will automatically carry over to your replacement card when a new one is issued to you. For CDTA swipe service, please note that it will take 3 business days for CDTA to update their system with your new UAlbany ID Card magnetic stripe information. As a result, when you swipe your UAlbany ID Card to ride the CDTA bus after a new card has been issued to you, you may be denied from riding until the CDTA system is fully updated. Also, if you are not registered for classes during the current semester or are not a current University employee, you will be denied from riding UAlbany Mass Transit bus routes with your UAlbany ID Card.