Human Resources

Position Reviews
in anticipation of FLSA changes

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires, among other things, the payment of minimum wage and overtime to covered employees. In order to be exempted from FLSA regulation coverage, an employee must meet a duties test AND, with few exceptions (i.e. teachers), earn at least the FLSA minimum salary threshold. Effective December 1, 2016 the minimum salary threshold is increasing to $913 per week ($1826 biweekly). This is NOT pro-rated for part-time employees. Therefore most part-time employees will be non-exempt by virtue of not meeting the salary test.

Special Note:

  • NYS has designated all classified service employees salary grade 23 and below to be non-exempt (overtime eligible)
  • Teachers are exempted from FLSA coverage

A duties test review is underway for all non-teaching professional staff. In order to accomplish this, current job descriptions must be on file. Additionally, we are asking departments to complete a duties checklist for each position as an initial review. Submission of job descriptions and checklists will be done on-line through Interview Exchange. Human Resources will review submitted information and make final determinations of FLSA status (exempt/non-exempt).


Duties Exemption Checklists – default to Administrative if no checklist seems to fit position duties