Human Resources

Due Dates for Personnel Transactions

Listed on the chart in the link below is a schedule of the NYS payroll periods through March 2020, which applies to all faculty, staff, and graduate/teaching/resident assistants.

The due dates have been established to allow the Office of Human Resources Management time to meet the payroll submission deadlines established by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) for each payroll period. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, personnel actions should be processed for the payroll period which includes the effective date for the transaction. The exception to these deadlines are fall appointments for part-time lecturers and graduate/teaching assistants, which due to the large volume of appointments, has an earlier deadline communicated separately. It is the responsibility of all department heads to observe the payroll deadlines. Your cooperation will be most appreciated. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: IT Account access is based on active status in IAS (PeopleSoft).  To help prevent IT Account Pending Closure notices, transactions rehiring or extending temporary appointments should be submitted no less than two weeks before the current appointment end date.

Due Dates for Form Submission