Human Resources

Classification and Compensation

The Office of Human Resources Management assists departments and units in determining the appropriate classification and salary grade for new and existing positions, including both Classified and non-Academic Professional positions. Our goal is to ensure that position classifications are consistent with SUNY policies, union agreements, the unit's organizational structure, and with campus practice.

As part of the recruitment process for a new position we will ask the unit to provide a detailed job description (more detailed than the vacancy announcement) and an organizational chart. We also need this information for promotions and for reclassification requests.

The title standards and salary schedules we link to on this page are meant to be used as benchmarks only. They should not be used exclusively in determining proper classifications or in designing positions. Instead, when designing a position, units should outline their own specific needs and objectives. Our office will look at the unit's job description and organizational chart, and will look at similar positions on this campus, or within the SUNY system, to arrive at the appropriate title and salary grade.