Human Resources

Extra Service
and Dual Employment




Extra Service is work performed by an employee that is substantially different from or in addition to his/her regular assigned professional responsibilities. These special assignments may be performed on the home campus or at another state agency, but must not interfere with the individual’s regular professional responsibilities.

Dual Employment

Employment at more than one State agency, including other SUNY campuses, is considered dual employment.  See Process and Forms for more information.

Under what circumstances can an individual earn extra service?

Faculty and Professionals: These assignments may involve, but are not limited to teaching, research and public service. It must be clearly demonstrated that such research or other service exceeds that which is normally performed under the regular obligation.

Classified (Under limited conditions): Classified employees will only be eligible for extra service if the second position is sporadic and substantially different from their main position (e.g., a full time Keyboard Specialist, whose extra service position is taking photographs at University events - this is substantially different from the keyboard specialist position and the extra service position is sporadic). If responsibilities are even remotely related to the primary position it must be treated as overtime. Classified employees will receive time and one-half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in one work week. Employees who have a work schedule less than 40 hours will earn comp time up to the 40 hours and time and one-half thereafter.

Part-Time Employees: Employees whose primary appointments are part-time may be paid “concurrent” (not extra service) if the work is for another state payroll agency and the combination does not exceed full time (100%). If the work is for their primary payroll agency, they may have their part-time payroll percent and salary increased (up to 100%) to compensate them or be paid via extra service. In the event they go over 100% the amount above will be considered extra service.



Compensation for extra service may not exceed an amount equal to 20 percent of base annual salary in any academic or calendar year beginning July 1 or September 1 as appropriate. For example, a professional employee earning a salary of $25,000 may not be paid more than $5,000 for extra service in any 7/1 – 6/30 period; a faculty member earning a salary of $25,000 may not be paid more than $5,000 for extra service in any 9/1 – 8/31 period. Summer employment of persons having an academic year obligation does not constitute extra service.

Employees may not engage in other employment whether within or outside the University, which interferes with the performance of their primary professional obligation. Additional extra service activities must conform to the ethical standards mandated by Section 74 of the Public Officers’ Law.  In essence, an employee may not engage in any business or transaction or professional activity of any nature, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his/her duties in the public interest.

SUNY Extra Service Policy

Graduate Assistants/Teaching Assistants: Graduate Assistants/Teaching Assistants are not considered full time (40 hour work week) employees. Their maximum obligation is 20 hours per week. Any work in excess of 20 hours must be pre-approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies and does not constitute Extra Service.

Research Foundation

Full time Research Foundation employees who are appointed to State-funded extra service employment require an approved Research Foundation Extra Service Pre-Approval Form.


Process and Forms

Internal Extra Service: For UAlbany employees performing extra service at UAlbany (State payroll), please use form UP-8A.  All required signatures must be obtained on this form through regular approval channels, prior to commencing extra service assignment.  NOTE: as of November 2015, an HRM-3 is no longer required for this internal extra service. 

Extra Service/Dual Employment: A complete HRM-2 packet and Dual Employment Form AC 1588 form is required for employees of another State agency or state operated campus within the SUNY System (Hudson Valley Community College and Schenectady Community College are not state operated campuses) performing extra service at UAlbany (State payroll). Please indicate in the remarks section of the HRM-2 that the appointment is extra service.

The AC 1588 must also be completed for all UAlbany employees who will be working at another state agency.



For all State employees performing extra service/dual employment at UAlbany, an extra service voucher is required for all payments to be made, including for those paid on an hourly, per diem, or biweekly basis, or paid a lump sum.

Upon receipt of the approved HRM-2 and AC 1588, the Office of Human Resources will send a confirmation letter, with vouchers, to the employee. To ensure payment, the voucher must be completed and signed by the employee performing the service and submitted to the Office of Human Resources for payment. Vouchers must be submitted according to the due date listed on the Main Payroll Schedule.

Vouchers can also be downloaded here.

If you require further assistance, please call 437-4700.