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Forms are organized on this page by the appropriate topic or area of Human Resources.  Forms can also be found in alphabetical order by using the HR A to Z index.

    Appointment Forms  |  Due Dates

    EMP-1 New Employee Information Form - required for all new employees and rehired employees after a break in service of a year or more.
    HRM-1 Position Authorization Request Form
    HRM-2 Appointment Request Form & Directions - in addition to this form, please have all new employees, or employees rehired after a break in service of a year or more, complete the EMP-1 form.
    HRM-3 Change of Status Request Form & Directions
    HRM-4 Appointment Request Form for GA & TA
    UP-8A Internal Extra Service

    VOL-2 Volunteer and Unpaid Employee Form  - please note that foreign nationals visiting the U.S. on a visa are required to be in a work authorized status in order to perform services on a voluntary basis.  All VOL-2 requests for visa holders must be accompanied by proper visa documentation prior to the start of the volunteer appointment.  VOL-2 forms without this documentation will not be processed.


    Appointment Packet Items

    I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) - this link takes you to a U.S. government site, which has the most up-to-date version of the form and download instructions.  This form is required of any new employee or rehired employee with a break in service of a year or more.
    EMP-1- Required of any new employee or rehired employee with a break in service of a year or more.
    Access and Compliance Agreement (ACA) - this is now an online tool requiring use of you NetID and password.  To print a copy of this form, click here.
    Form IT-2104(NYS) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
    Form W-4 (Federal) Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate
    Professional Background Information and Vita Form (AP-4)
    Oath Card (State Employee Statement in Lieu of Oath Pursuant to Civil Service Law §62 and Public Officers Law §78 Certificate--Form DS-1690)(PDF)
    Verification of Employee Credentials

    Required forms for Graduate & Teaching Assistants, Resident Assistants, and Fellowships 


    Application for Change in Title or Salary (CC-2) (NYS Civil Service Form)
    Application for Classified Service Employment

    Extra Service

    Extra Service Approval Request Form (UP-8A)
    Extra Service Approval Request Form for M/C employees (UP-6)
    Extra Service Voucher
    Request for Approval of Dual Employment (AC-1588)

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