Human Resources

Direct Deposit

The University at Albany participates in the New York State Direct Deposit Program. Through this program, you may choose to have your NET salary partially or entirely directly deposited via Electronic Funds Transfer with any financial institution within the 50 States that is capable of receiving transactions through the Automated Clearing House System.

Employees are responsible for immediately reimbursing the University if funds are deposited for which the employee is not entitled.


  • Enrollment forms can be downloaded here and are available in the University Payroll Office, UAB 300, (518) 437-3830. The Guide To Complete the form can be found here.

  • All sections of the Direct Deposit form (AC2772) must be completed. Sections A and B are completed by the employee. Section C must be completed and signed by the bank for each account, or if depositing in a checking account, a voided check must be attached.

    Enrollment forms must be turned in to the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), UAB 300. Forms will not be accepted by email or fax. Due to the increase in attempts to defraud NYS Employees, and as directed by NYS Office of the State Comptroller, OHRM will verify all direct deposit forms received. Employees dropping off forms in person will be asked to show a photo ID, so we may verify their identity and approve the form for processing. Forms dropped off without ID verification, and all Direct Deposit forms received by mail will be verified prior to processing.

  • Processing times will vary due to the additional steps, especially in times of high volume (such as the beginning of the semester). Your direct deposit change will be effective in one to three paychecks after your form is submitted.

  • In general, you will want to submit a direct deposit reactivation form if you are off the payroll during the summer. Most student assistant and work-study employees will NOT need to reactivate direct deposit in the fall if returning to the same position from the spring.
    For most, if you are off the payroll for the summer for more than three pay periods, your direct deposit will automatically inactivate. To reactivate direct deposit information (without changes) from a previous semester, complete the Reactivation Request form.


  • Direct Deposit is automatically cancelled if your employment is terminated or you are on leave without pay (excluding worker's compensation) for more than three pay periods. Complete the Reactivation Request to re-enroll.

  • Employees routinely low on time or incurring lost time due to lack of accruals may be cancelled from the program.

  • Employees routinely failing to turn in time sheets/time cards in a timely fashion may be cancelled from the program.

Go paperless - opt out of receiving printed paystubs (form)

Reactivation of existing Direct Deposit (form)