Human Resources

Summer Session Hiring

As has been the procedure in past summers, departments should use the Change of Status Request (Form HRM-3) as the mechanism for appointing currently employed academic-year obligated faculty to be assigned to non-instructional duties or combinations of teaching and non-teaching duties during the summer. Details of each non-instructional appointment including the assignment, inclusive dates, salary and account to be charged should be included in the "Remarks" section of Form HRM-3. Please include any partial support from funds other than the Summer Sessions instructional budget. Do not include personnel exclusively assigned to instruction or instructional support since they should have been reported to the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions. Under the provisions of the Agreement between the State and the United University Professions, Inc., Department Chairs who receive a stipend for summer administrative services are precluded from other summer employment within the University.

In requesting appointments under the procedure outlined above, you should be guided by the salary limitations listed below. Compensation at lesser amounts may be offered.

Maximum salary rates by percentage of academic-year salary for faculty (based on June 30, 2011 salary) by weeks or months of service:

  • 1 week -- 2.67%  
  • 2 weeks -- 5.33%
  • 3 weeks -- 8.00%  
  • 1 month -- 11.11%
  • 2 months -- 22.22%
  • 3 months -- 33.33%

Departments planning appointments covered above, should return individual HRM-3 forms for each non-instructional appointment through administrative channels, to the Office of Human Resources Management prior to the starting date for the appointment. The request form will be used to generate the necessary payroll input. Request forms which are received late will require at least one month's processing time to produce a paycheck.

The hiring of individuals, not currently employed at the campus, for non-instructional appointments during the summer should be initiated according to the instructions contained in the "Employment Procedures-Professional Service" section of the Human Resources Procedures Manual. Specifically, for each such appointment, a "Position Authorization Request" (Form HRM-1), should be filed. Once this form receives the necessary approvals, including those required under whatever hiring restrictions apply at the time, the required appointment forms will be forwarded to the requesting department for completion. The Form HRM-1 should be filed at least four weeks before the proposed appointment is to commence.

Attached is a sample of the job offer form letter which should be completed for each person offered a non-instructional position for the Summer Session. This letter should not be prepared until you receive approval to fill the position being offered. Please note that there is space provided on the form for the department to indicate to the appointee his/her assignment, dates of service and salary for the period. The first two copies of this form when completed, should be sent to the individual, and the third copy should be retained for the department's files. When the individual returns the endorsed copy indicating acceptance of the appointment, this copy should be forwarded through administrative channels with the appropriate appointment forms. Copies of the form may be obtained by calling the Office of Human Resources Management or a similar letter may be prepared on the department's letterhead in lieu of completing the form.

Staff Assistants funded from departmental accounts for the summer should be processed in the usual manner. It is especially important to properly identify the account number to be charged. Appointment forms for Staff Assistants and Technical Assistants (Casual) funded through Summer Session funding must be sent to the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions (SS-110) for processing.