Human Resources

Classified Service

Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion Policies


The Office of Human Resources Management posts vacancy announcements for all classified positions, including labor class and non-competitive positions, on the HR web site. If the vacancy is for a competitive classified position, OHRM will also contact Civil Service for the appropriate eligible list. OHRM will canvass the list and provide the names of reachable candidates to the departments. As in the past, prior to making an offer of employment to a classified staff member, the department must check with OHRM to verify that no re-employment rosters exist.



Once the hiring department receives approval from the Office of Human Resources Management to extend an offer of employment to the hiring department’s top candidate, upon accepting, paperwork must be completed to formalize the appointment.




There are many opportunities available to UAlbany employees to promote within the classified service.  Non-competitive classified promotions involve appointment to non-examination titles.  Competitive classified promotions can be achieved by Civil Service examination or by Civil Service Section 70.1