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Family Handbook

This Family Handbook is designed to provide you with useful information about the University at Albany. We believe you will find it a valuable tool as you support your loved one throughout his/her college experience.

Please click on a topic for more information:

Academic Support
The University at Albany's Office of Academic Support Services offers all students on campus a variety of academic support services to assist with improving and maintaining academic excellence. These services include study skills workshops, career workshops, mentoring, and tutoring. Please see the Office of Academic Support Services website for a description of services and programs or call (518)442-5180 for assistance.
Advisement Services Center
The Advisement Services Center provides academic advisement to freshmen and all students who have not yet declared a major, with each student being assigned their own advisor. Students are encouraged to contact and meet with their advisor as often as they like, to discuss specific coursework, other academic concerns and future plans. Students have advisor’s email and direct phone numbers, and can schedule appointments online through Advisortrac. Once students move on to advisement in their major, the office also offers walk-in assistance as a supplement to departmental advising. The Advisement Services Center is located in LI-36 and students are encouraged to call (518)442-3960 or visit their website.
Albany Student Press
The Albany Student Press (ASP) is the University at Albany's student newspaper. The ASP is published once a week throughout each semester.
College of the Empire State, Mother of an army great,
Thou the molder of our fate,
Thee we sing today.
Thine the hand with clasp so strong,
Holding tho' the years be long,
Thou the burden of our song,
Thee we sing today.

Wisdom's duty heeds thy call,
Ever in Minerva's thrall,
Pass the torch from one to all,
Guide each destiny.
`Neath the Purple and the Gold,
Let thy history unfold,
Sons and daughters, young and old,
Hail to Albany.
Athletics and Recreation
The University at Albany competes at the NCAA Division I level and, with the exception of football which is a member of the Northeast Conference, is affiliated with the America East Conference. There are nineteen intercollegiate sports offered for men and women, including basketball, football, baseball, track and field, cross country, softball, field hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball and lacrosse.

The indoor and outdoor physical education design is comprised of the SEFCU Arena, the Physical Education Building, an air-supported bubble structure, and several athletic fields. In addition, there are lighted tennis courts, racquetball/squash/handball courts, a swimming pool, a dance studio, and a comprehensive fitness and weight training center. There is a vibrant intramural sports program for students which includes seasonal offerings in flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and softball. The Student Association also sponsors a number of team sports that compete intercollegiately at the club level including: ice hockey, crew, skiing, wrestling, volleyball, and rugby. Visit the Danes online.
Banking Services
Banking services are available to students in several locations on campus.

The SEFCU branch, located in the Campus Center Food Court, provides a full range of banking services, including checking and savings accounts, money orders, and payroll check cashing. Please call SEFCU at (800)727-3328 for any additional information.

In addition, ATMs are available in the Campus Center and include HSBC, SEFCU, and Key Bank. SEFCU ATMs are also located on residential quadrangles, and a Bank of America ATM is located on the Downtown Campus.
For more information, please visit UAS Banking Information

The University Bookstore, conveniently located on the lower level of the Campus Center, offers everything from textbooks and supplies to UAlbany apparel. This fall the bookstore will offer a textbook rental program for students at the University at Albany, textbooks can be ordered online and held for pick up or shipped to you. For more information visit the bookstore online.
Bus Service

The University at Albany Bus Service provides transportation between the Uptown Campus, Downtown Campus (Alumni Quad and the Draper Complex), CESTM, Empire Commons, State Street and Broadway (SUNY Central) in downtown Albany, the Empire State Plaza via Madison Avenue and the School of Public Health at the East Campus.

The University at Albany has recently negotiated a new contract with the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) to expand service for students, faculty and staff to all CDTA bus lines with the exception of the Northway Express and Star buses. However, in order to insure that only current UAlbany students, faculty and staff are riding CDTA without charge, effective Monday June 28th students, faculty and staff at the University at Albany will be required to swipe their valid SUNY ID cards at the fare box on each bus. The fare box has been programmed to recognize valid IDs from currently registered students and active, paid faculty and staff. The farebox will reject out-dated IDs from former students, faculty and staff members of UAlbany.

Campus Center
The Campus Center is a hub of University activity and a daily stop for many members of the University community. This building houses offices for the Student Association and numerous student service related offices as well as dining and retail areas. For more information call (518)442-5490 or visit the Campus Center website.
Career Services
UAlbany's Career Services exists to help all undergraduate students explore majors and career options, expand their knowledge of career alternatives, identify internship and part-time positions, and make decisions about graduate study and full-time employment opportunities. Educational opportunities and workshops related to resume writing, interviewing and other aspects of career planning are offered regularly. All students (yes, even freshmen!) are encouraged to register with Career Services to receive e-mail notification of upcoming career-related events, search UA CareerPath for position listings, and participate in on-campus recruiting opportunities. For more information call (518)437-4900, or visit their website.
Chapel House
Chapel House is a place for worship, counseling, study and community building located adjacent to the south end of the main uptown campus, across from the RACC. It serves as a meeting place for various religious denominations at the University. Founded on the basis of interfaith cooperation, Chapel House, through its programs and services, seeks to serve the University community's religious and social life. Throughout the academic year regular events are sponsored which seek to explore and share traditions of the religious groups represented. Chaplains of the Jewish, Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions maintain offices in Chapel House. Visit the Chapel House website.
Counseling Services

Through a broadly based portfolio of psychological services, health promotion initiatives, and prevention programs, the University Counseling Center works to enhance the personal well-being and academic productivity of our students.

Individual counseling with a staff psychologist is available to registered students with mental or behavioral health issues. Most students are seen for only a few sessions and we have found that most respond to brief interventions. The Center provides assistance in identifying specialty services or extended care when a student’s needs are beyond the available resources. The Center also offers psychological testing for academic performance concerns or other problems.

All assessment, diagnostic, and counseling services are confidential in accordance with professional/legal standards and visits to the Center do not become part of any other University record. The cost of services is covered by fees already paid to the University.

Students are invited to contact the Center to arrange for an appointment (518-442-5800). A free campus shuttle bus to the Center, which is located at 400 Patroon Creek Boulevard, runs every 30 minutes from both Collins Circle and the Science Library during hours of operation. An exact shuttle bus schedule is available at Parking and Mass Transit Services.

Parents and students may also contact a staff psychologist or health promotion specialist for consultation to ask a question or regarding a concern. Consultations are usually brief one-time meetings, phone calls, or e-mails. Individuals who wish to email us with a question or concern that is not about an urgent matter can write to our consultation mailbox at consultation@albany.edu

Crisis or urgent concerns receive prompt attention from a staff psychologist during weekday business hours and accessible in person or by telephone. When the Counseling Center is closed, callers are directed to the University Police at 518-442-3131 or area crisis services at 518-447-9650.

The Center provides numerous programs that engage students, faculty, and staff on a variety of topics such as alcohol and other addictive behaviors, sexuality and sexual health, sexual assault response and prevention, and suicide prevention.

Dean's List
The honor of placement on the Dean's List is awarded to full-time students who have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA), with no grade lower than a C, no incomplete (I) grades, and at least 12 credits graded A-E. For first-semester students (freshman and transfer), the minimum GPA is 3.25; after that the minimum GPA is 3.5. Students are notified of their placement on the Dean’s List through their campus e-mail, which will include information on how to place the honor in their local papers.
Dining On Campus Basics

UAlbany dining offers a mix of traditional menu options and popular retail brands such as Wendy’s, Sbarro, and Au Bon Pain. You can pay cash at all venues or use credit cards at selected retail venues. If you purchase a meal plan or have a Podium account, you can swipe your SUNYCard at all traditional dining locations or retail venues.

Meal Plan Components:
Meal Plans are designed to meet students varied needs, lifestyle and academic schedule. All meal plans include two components: meals and Munch Money. For more Information, please visit The Dining Services Website

Disability Resource Center

Disability Resource Center provides a broad range of personalized services to students with disabilities, including pre-admission information, mobility orientation, assistance with registration, personal attendant referral, individual appointments, advocacy, assistance with alternative testing, lending of tape recorders, electronic text and adaptive equipment.

The Director, Nancy Belowich Negron, specializes in helping students with physical, medical and psychiatric disabilities. The Assistant Director, Carolyn Malloch, specializes in helping students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder.

Students may schedule appointments for assistance with developing various study skills, receive coaching in time management and setting goals, or test taking skills, as well as how to discuss their disability and accommodation needs with professors or in the job setting.

For more information call (518)442-5490, stop by Campus Center 137 or visit the Disability Resource center website.

Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid handles the management of student financial assistance programs that benefit our students, including all Federal student assistance, private student loan programs, state grant and scholarship funds, and certain institutional scholarship programs. In addition counselors are available for financial aid advisement. This office also coordinates the Short-Term Emergency Loan Fund which can make available a small loan to assist students who have a sudden short-term need for funds. The office is centrally located in the Campus Center for easy student access. The general office telephone number is (518)442-3202 or you can e-mail Financail Aid -- sscweb@uamail.albany.edu . More information, such as frequently asked questions and a financial aid timeline are available at the Financial Aid Website.
Five Quad Ambulance Service
Five-Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service is a student-operated, Student Association-funded service consisting of more than 75 highly trained volunteers who provide state-certified campus ambulance service on a seven days a week, 24 hours a day basis, as well as coverage at major campus programming and athletic events. In addition, it sponsors extensive training and educational programs in CPR, advanced First Aid, and a variety of other topics. The phone number is (518)442-5555.
Greek Life
The University currently recognizes 28 social and fraternity and sorority chapters with approximately 443 active undergraduate members. The size of each chapter ranges from two to fifty members. Albany's diverse Greek community is self-governing with each fraternity and sorority reporting to the All Greek Council, and one of three sub- governing councils. These councils receive guidance and direction from the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership with regard to specific academic, programmatic, and operational requirements and to ensure the groups are aware of and adhere to University rules and regulations. For more information, visit the Greek Affairs website.
Health and Wellness
The University Health Center functions much like a general medical clinic similar to your doctor's office. Students call ahead of time to make an appointment with a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s assistant. The Health Center also operates a women's health clinic offering a full range of female reproductive health services staffed only with female health providers, a fully licensed pharmacy, and has a half-time psychiatrist on staff . The Health center is located less than one mile from campus and is accessible by a free shuttle. Visit the Health Center online.

The transition from high school student to college freshman can be difficult for some students. Adjusting to a new environment, missing the comforts of home and balancing the academic load are just a few of the challenges that your son or daughter may encounter. Because of these challenges, your son or daughter may turn to you for advice or simply to vent. Someone to listen is usually all that is necessary.

If, however, your son or daughter seems to be having an especially hard time adjusting to the university (i.e. complaining about friends, having trouble with academic demands, having difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious or depressed, losing interest or pleasure in things that used to be interesting or pleasurable) and/or is still having trouble after the first month of school, please encourage him/her to speak to someone on staff at the University. Faculty members, Residential Life staff, and Counseling Center staff are available to help.

The University Counseling Center offers a variety of services to students and parents. The Center has licensed psychologists on staff who are available to answer questions for parents and/or provide counseling services to students. The Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (reception hours end at 4:30pm) and can be reached by calling (518)442-5800 or via email at consultation@albany.edu . Or visit The University Counseling Center website.

Honor’s College
The Honors College at the University at Albany creates a vibrant community of developing scholars where students and faculty work together in a challenging environment to stimulate the highest levels of academic achievement. Students in The Honors College find their learning experience enhanced by honors courses, the opportunity to conduct research in their major with a faculty mentor, and many educational and social honors activities. Honors students may choose to live in honors housing, and can take advantage of priority registration. Honors College students who want to live in honors housing are expected to contribute actively to the honors community through participation in evening and weekend honors activities. For more information about The Honors College, visit their website.

An internship is a way for your student to apply knowledge learned through their university studies to work in a professional setting. Such opportunities are a great way to gain experience prior to graduation. Encourage your student to inquire about internship opportunities with a variety of employers. Many employers have formal internship programs; however, those who do not, especially smaller employers, may be willing to host an intern, if asked.

Because of the University at Albany's convenient location in the capital of New York State, our institution is able to offer some exciting internship opportunities including government internships such as the Senate Session Assistants Program and the Assembly Session Intern Program. UAlbany also offers its own Semester in Washington program organized through our Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy in addition to internships offered through The Washington Center, a D.C. based independent non-profit organization that allows UAlbany students to spend a semester living and working in Washington D.C.

Your student can receive academic credit for some internships. When done for academic credit, internships are supervised by full-time faculty members with relevant expertise. Students can also do internships for experience without receiving academic credit. Internships can be either paid or unpaid regardless of whether or not your student receives academic credit. In some situations, students select from excellent internships for which they receive neither credit nor compensation. Parents with questions or concerns about internship-related issues are encouraged to contact Career Services for assistance.

Additional ways of gaining experience include, service-learning, research, and summer employment. For further information about internships and the different ways you can gain experience, contact the Undergraduate Education Office at 518-442-3950, Career Services at 518-437-4900, or the Community and Public Service Program at 518-442-5683.

Judicial System
The Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility administers and maintains a system of rules and procedures which communicate to students, faculty, and staff that the University is a community that holds some values especially high. These rules and procedures can be found in the Student Code of Conduct - Community Rights & Responsibilities. This document describes prohibited conduct at the University and the process by which the University asserts its values and attends to allegations of misconduct. Questions and concerns regarding student conduct at the University may be directed to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility at (518) 442-5501.
Laundry Facilities
Laundry facilities are located in the basement of each of the Residence Halls. They are open 24 hours every day. Washer and dryer service is free.
The University Libraries, which include the University and Science Libraries located on the uptown campus and the Dewey Library located on the downtown campus, have long been welcoming gathering places for students to study and meet. The varied settings within the Libraries include designated quiet study areas, study carrels, group study areas (some with white boards), and comfortable seating areas. The Libraries house more than 550 public PCs which provide access to an extensive suite of software.
The Libraries’ collections contain more than 2 million print volumes, 77,000 electronic books, 39,000 print and electronic journals and 297 databases. All of the Libraries’ e-books and e-journals can be used from on or off campus 24/7. The Libraries also provide a full range of reference and research services for students. In addition to posing questions in at service points in all three libraries, students can contact reference librarians by phone, e-mail, IM, and texting.
Students who have more complex research projects can schedule individual appointments with subject specialist librarians. During the period before and during final exams the University Library is open 24/7 during the week and 16 hours/day on weekends. Additional information about the Libraries’ collections and services can be found on The University Libraries website.
Mail Services

Residential student mail and packages are received Monday-Friday in the main mail facility on campus. Letters are delivered to the Residence Halls for distribution. Packages are signed for and picked up at Mail Services. The address format for incoming mail determines the speed in which Mail Services can get that mail to the student's mailbox. The proper address format for receiving mail at the University is:


For more information about Mail Services at the University at Albany, please visit their website or call their office at (518) 442-3272.

Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program
Middle Earth is a nationally recognized peer assistance program established in the spirit of students helping other students. Middle Earth students are trained to provide information and referral via a hotline service, as well as peer education services that assist students in coping with emotional, social, and other life issues. By calling Middle Earth's hotline at (518)442-5777, your son or daughter may anonymously consult a trained undergraduate helper. If you have questions about the Middle Earth program, please contact (518) 442-5800 or Middle Earth website.The Middle Earth Hotline is open from 12 Noon – 12 Midnight Monday through Thursday and 24 hours a day on weekends when classes are in session.
Off Campus Housing
The University at Albany prides itself on providing safe, affordable housing on campus for our students. And while we strongly encourage all our students to live on campus, we do provide easily accessible information for students wishing to reside off campus. The off campus housing website includes listings of available apartments, students who are seeking apartment roommates, rooms available in private homes, and seasonal summer sublet apartment listings.
On Campus Residence Requirement
All students with an admission classification of freshman are required to live in on-campus residence facilities during their first academic year at the University at Albany. Additionally, this requirement applies to students regardless of the academic status they may attain during their first academic year. Students with an admission classification of transfer are exempt from this requirement. Exemptions to this policy are reviewed on a case by case basis upon receipt of a formal application for exemption. For any questions about this policy, please refer to the Residence Hall License Agreement or contact the Department of Residential Life at (518)442-5875 or visit the Residential Life web site.
Parents Annual Fund
Each year students from the UAlbany Fund will call you to provide you with an update of some exciting initiatives occurring on campus, and to request a donation to the UAlbany Fund. Even though UAlbany is a public university, less than 16% of our operating budget comes from state support – which is not much more than what many private colleges receive from the state. And just like private schools, UAlbany relies on the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty and friends to provide our students with the finest educational experience available. When you receive a call from a student fundraiser, please consider making a gift. For more information about the UAlbany Fund please contact them at 1-800-577-7869 or uafund@uamail.albany.edu .
Parent and Family Services
A Parent Liaison is available to assist UAlbany parents with individual questions or concerns and can be reached at (518)442-5875 or by e-mail at Parents@albany.edu . Additional information on a variety of topics can be found on the UAlbany Parent and Family Services website.
Parent and Family Email Listserv
The University at Albany created a Parent and family email listserv to impart timely and pertinent information directly to you -- as well as to create a convenient venue for your involvement. Join the Parent and Family Email Listserv.

Because of the limited parking spaces available on campus, freshmen who have not completed two full semesters at a college or university and who live in residence are restricted from registering and parking a vehicle on campus. Upperclassmen may register and park on campus after obtaining a parking permit from the Office of Parking Management. All students are strongly encouraged to follow parking regulations, as tickets range in price from $20-$50 each and an additional late fee may be applied. Illegal parking tickets can add up quickly! Unpaid parking tickets result in a "hold" on the student record. This means students may be unable to register for the following academic semester or prevented from obtaining an official transcript.

you are visiting your son or daughter on campus, you can purchase a temporary parking pass for $5.40 per day from Parking Management (Monday - Friday prior to 4:30 PM), or park in one of the Visitors Lots for $5.00 before 4pm and $3.00 after 4pm located on the north or east side of campus. Parking on a weekend in the visitors or student lots is free of charge beginning Friday evening at 5:00 PM.

For additional information, please visit the website for the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services updated parking information as well as all rules and regulations or contact them at (518)442-3121.

Podium Account
A Podium Account is a taxable declining balance account which can be used to make on-campus purchases at any food service outlet, the University Bookstore, in vending machines, for library copying and printing services and tickets at the University Performing Arts Center. Podium Account can also be used for purchases at a variety of off-campus Albany area locations such as CVS (Visit the UAS website for a listing of locations). Podium Account offers the flexibility to make on and off-campus purchases without the need to carry cash. Deposited funds are electronically tied to the student's SUNYCard and all transactions are individually recorded - providing an updated summary of the remaining balance along with individual deductions. Podium Accounts may be supplemented in any amount at any time, and may be closed with a full refund of the remaining balance. Deposits can be made to a student's Podium Account through the use of a credit card at the University Auxiliary Services web site.
Project Renaissance
Project Renaissance is an exciting living/learning opportunity open to first year students that insures an integrated, intellectually challenging introduction to university life. Highlights of the program include small classes (20 students), cultural exposure on and off campus, personal and academic support, social networks and friendships, and a much-heightened awareness of numerous University resources. Project Renaissance accepts students on a first come/ first serve basis. More information about this program is available on the Project Renaissance website or by calling (518) 442-5333.
Project SHAPE: Sexual Health & Peer Education
Project SHAPE is one of the peer service programs of the University Counseling Center. This is a group of about 40 students who volunteer their time educating their peers about sexuality and sexual health. Members take a 3 credit training course and then take part in conducting more than 120 educational programs each year for the University community in academic classes, residence halls and for student groups. Project SHAPE presents a number of weeklong events such as the annual World AIDS Week, and Mixin’ Up the Sex Week: Contemporary Issues in Sexuality and participates in community service activities. Involvement in Project SHAPE helps student develop and refine presentation, teaching and public speaking skills as well as program development. Community service work looks great on a resume. For information on how to get involved or to find out about programs offered, please contact the Project SHAPE Director, Carol Stenger at 442-5800 or visit the Project SHAPE website.
Residential Life

The Department of Residential Life creates and sustains INVITING, INTELLECTUAL, and INCLUSIVE living communities which foster students' academic success, personal growth, and overall well being.

Students in the University's Residence Halls have access to a wide variety of services and programs. Trained professional and paraprofessional staff members live in the Halls and provide services to help promote a secure and positive environment. Security Assistants provide evening safety patrols on every quadrangle. Additionally, each quad has a faculty member participating in the Faculty-In-Residence program. This program offers students the opportunity to be actively involved outside the classroom with a member of the faculty living in a Residence Hall.

Students bringing a computer to campus to access computing, library, academic and administrative services directly from their rooms on campus have high speed internet service available. ResNet by Apogee provides wired and wireless internet service for residential students. For information about computer hardware and software requirements for ResNet, visit the Apogee web site or call the Apogee Customer Support call center at (866)478-8861. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All rooms are wired for cable television with student access to a wide variety of cable programming, including over 70 channels and 7 HBO movie channels. Students may also elect to purchase additional cable packages which could include DVR, Pay-per-view, and premium sports and movie packages. Freedom Apartments offers a quiet, convenient environment for graduate and upper division students. Empire Commons, our newest complex for upper division students, offers apartment style living with private bedrooms, central air conditioning and washers and dryers in each apartment. The Community Center of Empire Commons offers private meeting rooms, home theater, lounge space and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

The Department of Residential Life provides a number of opportunities for students to engage in fitness, social and recreational activities to supplement their academic activities. The Resident Assistants coordinate well over 600 programs a year, designed to provide students with an opportunity to meet other people, learn new skills and to have fun!! In addition each quad houses a fitness center with nautilus equipment, aerobic machines and free weights. Recreational space is also set aside on each quad and includes pool tables, foosball and ping-pong.

The Department of Residential Life is located in the basement of Eastman Tower on State Quadrangle. For more information please call (518) 442-5875 or visit the Residential Life website.


The University Police Department (UPD) employs a Community Policing model which works closely with students, faculty and staff across the campus to achieve the highest levels of personal safety possible. UPD is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, with 35 professional law enforcement officers and 30 security officers. These officers routinely visit Residence Halls and offices to discuss safety. One campus effort, dubbed "Park, Walk and Talk," gets police out of their patrol cars to walk where students see them.

Emergency calls to report a crime on campus can be made by calling 911 from campus phones or (518)442-3131 from any other phone, including cellular phones. All campus crime and incident reports are posted promptly on the University's web site, are available for public inspection on UPD's police blotter, and are distributed to the student newspaper and other offices across campus. In cases where a reported crime appears to threaten the safety of the campus community, the University takes additional steps, such as leaflets delivered to every student room and television notices, to notify the campus community of what has occurred and the steps that are being taken.

UPD is located in a new state-of-the-art University Police Building. They can be reached at (518)442-3132 or by dialing 911 on campus in case of an emergency. Visit the University Police website.

Don't Walk Alone Safety Escort Service is a student volunteer safety escort service which operates Sunday-Thursday nights when classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters. Two escorts will walk with a student wherever he/she needs to go on the uptown campus. Escorts wear green arm bands and walkie-talkies to stay in contact with the Captain in charge of each shift.

There are more than 330 emergency and blue light phones located on the three campuses of the University. Many of the outdoor emergency phones are easily recognized by the blinking blue light just above the phone box. The emergency phones located inside University buildings have EMERGENCY labels on the receivers. In an emergency, a student opens the outdoor emergency phone box, picks up the phone, and talks to the University Police Dispatcher on the line or just picks up the phone if he/she is using an indoor emergency phone. Along with the 911 Emergency System, the emergency and blue light phones give students immediate phone access to police, fire, and emergency medical services.

Student Association
The Student Association, familiarly known as "SA," is the student government of the undergraduate students at the University at Albany. SA is structurally similar to that of the federal government, with an Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch, and a Judicial Branch. The Student Activity fee is used to support this organization and its activities. Visit the Student Association website.
Student Life
The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is dedicated to working directly with our students. The staff in this office guides and advises students on matters related to student organizations, including Greeks, and all student sponsored events. Assistance and guidance is available as well to multicultural student groups of African American, Latino, Asian American and Native American descent. Staff is trained to develop personal and professional leadership skills and offer leadership training workshops to many different student groups. For more information call (518)442-5566 or visit the Student Involvement and Leadership website.
Study Abroad
Undergraduates may participate in one of many study abroad programs in most of the major cultural or geographic regions of the world. The University at Albany sponsors 90 programs in 35 countries. In addition, through the State University of New York system, Albany students can participate in over 400 programs in more than 50 countries. For more information on these programs contact the Office of International Education at (518)591-8170 or visit the study abroad website.
SUNYCard is a universal card that functions as a photo identification card and also provides access to the Residence Hall, Library, meal plan, Podium Plus, Munch Money, vending machines, laundry machines, and the University Bus Service. The SUNYCard office is located in the Campus Center B52 and can be reached by telephone at (518)442-3061.
Torch is the University at Albany's yearbook. It can be purchased through Copies Plus in the Campus Center. For more information regarding the yearbook, please call (518)442-5677.
Tours of Campus
Group information sessions and tours are available 7 days a week when classes are in session. Please contact the Admissions Office to make arrangements at (518)442-5435 or via email at UGADMISSIONS@albany.edu .