Departments with specific LGBTQ liaisons:

The departments listed below have direct contacts for students, faculty/staff, alum, and family members with questions about how to navigate their services. Please feel free to contact anyone below regarding LGBQ and Transgender related questions related to their departments.
Sharon Webster, Director, 518-442-3291
SUNY Card provides a lot of convenience for many students. For Transgender students who have a preferred name or who would like to update their name and picture to best reflect their identity navigating SUNY card can be tougher. Our SUNY Card liaison is able to handle any questions or concerns for LGBTQ students. From name changes to new photos our liaisons can do it all. 
Joel Davis, Director, 518-442-3231
Financial aid can be tricky to navigate for any student. For Transgender students and LGBQ spectrum students who lose family support there can be extra anxiety in navigating these services. Our liaisons in financial services are able to handle any questions or concerns for LGBTQ students. From name changes to filing emergency independence and getting aid for summer stay, our liaisons can do it all. 
Carrie Snyder, Assistant Director, 518-442-5490 
Graciela DeSemone, Physician, 518-442-5454 
Health Center staff want you to be comfortable coming to the Health Center to address your health care needs. The Physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners at the Health Center are aware, educated, and non-judgmental about the concerns, and health risks in the LGBTQ community. Our health center staff are trained with regard to LGB and transgender identities. After checking in at the health center you will be called back to the physician by your Last Name, you may offer any other name or pronouns to the physician once you are in private.The Health Center pharmacy does not carry hormones for gender transition and the current health insurance policy offered by the University to students does not cover services for the purposes of gender transition. However, students with medical needs related to gender transition are welcome and encouraged to meet with the medical director to explore local resources. 
Karen Chico-Hurst, University Registrar, 518-442-5540

The University Registrar provides many services to our student community. For Transgender students & alumni wishing to change their name, gender marker or navigate other registrar services we realize your information may be sensitive. Our Registrar liaison is able to handle any questions or concerns for LGBTQ students. From name changes, to gender markers our liaisons can walk you through each step providing guidance and understanding.


Jameelee Ford, Assistant Director for Community Development 
[email protected] 
Residential Life website 

The Department of Residential Life is committed to providing on-campus housing that is inviting, intellectual and inclusive for all students. Residential Life offers several programs to support LGBTQ students, including gender-inclusive housing

Carol Stenger, Director, 518-442-2273

The Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence provides a safe and welcoming environment for students to receive support and advocacy services in the aftermath of sexual violence including, but not limited to, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and/or stalking.

Counseling and Psychological Service:
Sarah Nolan, Ph.D., 518-442-5800
The counselors at the Center are educated, sensitive, & well-informed about the unique concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, and other non-gender conforming individuals. The Counseling Center provides an ongoing LGBTQ* Support Group. The group provides a safe space for University at Albany students who identify as a part of the LGBTQ* community to discuss and explore many topics that include, but are not limited to relationships, sexuality, gender identity, religion and stress management. The group meets weekly on the Uptown UAlbany Campus.  
Cathy Parker, Assistant Director, 518-437-3914  
The staff at Career Services is trained to answer career and work questions specific to the needs of LGBTQ students in a confidential, nonjudgmental manner. Career Services can provide information and advice on employment discrimination laws around the country; issues related to coming out in the workplace; and how to find welcoming companies. Students can schedule a confidential appointment to discuss issues about whether or not to disclose information to employers and at what point in the job search process that would be appropriate. The department incorporates information for LGBTQ students in all of our presentations so students do not need to self identify to get information. Career Services also maintains a webpage of employment resources for LGBTQ students for access to information at their convenience.  
Tamra Minor, Ph.D, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion, 518-956-8110
[email protected]
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) ensures that the University is in compliance with State and Federal non-discrimination Laws and Executive orders by receiving, reviewing and investigating allegations of unlawful discrimination.
Aran Mull, Deputy Chief of Police, 518-442-3130

University Police are trained in LGB identity and Transgender Etiquette. They train bi-annually on these subjects. You may report a bias related incident by calling UPD directly, meeting with any police officer or professional staff person including Residential Life offices on each of the quads or anonymously online.