We Are Here For You

The GSRC serves a wide breadth of students, parents, faculty and staff through its many resources and referrals. We offer an interactive environment with a lounge, books, discussion groups, programs and events. See below and click on each link for more information.

                                    Download the GSRC Pamphlet Here


The GSRC hires students through work study who staff the center when school is in session. Additionally students may volunteer their time or receive course credit through our student internships. Contact the GSRC coordinator for more details.

Tuesday Talk's

On Tuesdays the GSRC hosts our Identity Talk series. During this time the center is closed to the general campus in order to provide a safe space for students who share a common identity to connect.

Resource Library

The GSRC library has a rich offering of books for patrons to read in the center or use for research. For an online list of books available in the center please check out our profile on Library Thing. In addition the UAlbany main library also carries a substantial amount of books on a wide breadth of areas.


INTERSECTION's is a bi-weekly meet up open to all students on campus interested in exploring the intersections of identity and oppression. Intersection's discusses issues across -ism's and multiple identities. Racism, Sexism, Abelism, Heterosexism, Colorism, Feminism, Classism, Sizeism etc. 

Support for Student Groups

The GSRC offers support to student leaders and student groups interested in holding programs and events on topics in alignment with the centers mission through consultation and co-sponsorship. The center itself can also be reserved after hours for programs, events, and meetings. Please contact the GSRC staff if you are interested in reserving the center for a special event.

Transgender Student Guide

The GSRC was founded by transgender and allied students. Over the years many great resources have been expanded to become more inclusive of trans* spectrum students. In order to help students better navigate the UAlbany system this guide was developed. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.