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UAlbany has been recognized as a model campus for LGBTQ+ programs, support and services.  What makes an LGBT-friendly campus? The question is a very personal one. Each student needs to evaluate their prospective university or college with their own rubric and sense of what makes LGBTQ+ campus life appealing. To see the types of programs regularly offered and to view a current semester calendar, visit the Events section.

The links to the left and the information organized below are just some of the resources the University offers across campus that we think may interest Undergrad, Graduate, Faculty/Staff as well as Parents and Alumni. We are constantly updating this page and adding resources as we become aware of them.

We Love Our Students!

Our main goal is to create a comfortable safe space for all students. The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center is a place where you can gain support and expand your knowledge all while feeling at home on campus.

There are many programs on campus to get students involved in organizations and leadership opportunities. There are many discussions to support students throughout the academic year with not only social success, but academic success as well. 

Here are just a few links to resources that may be of interest for current or prospective students. Explore more of the GSRC site and the University at Albany to see all our campus has to offer!

MORE Info Coming SOON!

FinAid! - Information on financial aid and over 150 scholarships available to LGBTQ* and allied students from both local and national sources.

LGBT Student Scholarship Database - The following is a list of scholarships, fellowships and grants for LGBTQ* and allied students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

UAlbany Resources

Annual LGBT Educational Events

Lavender Celebration

Social Clubs

Campus Climate Index Score

Gender Inclusive Housing

Trans Students

Fraternity/Sorority Life

Sexual Health And Peer Education


Safe Space Allies 

OUT Faculty

LGBT Faculty Experts

Internships/Career Services




Faith Identities

Multicultural Resource Center

Single Stall Restrooms

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence- Brochures

Health Center- LGBTQ inclusive on campus healthcare contacts

Community Resources- Albany area LGBT Community Centers etc.

Study Abroad 

Financial Aid

Losing Family Support
Many LGBTQ students worry about or experience the loss of family support when it comes to coming out to family and friends. The university features a variety of resources for students who wish to live on campus year round and/or experience the loss of family financial support and need to access financial aid and other emergency resources. Please use our LGBT Liaison contacts as well as the GSRC Coordinator to learn more about how we can help.

Counseling Center



Welcome UAlbany Grad Students!

We love our Grad students! Our Graduate students teach classes, publish papers, add to scholarly research in their fields and contribute exponentially to the UAlbany campus culture. Below are some resources that may be of interest to Graduate students.

MORE info coming SOON! 

A Workplace Where You Can Smile 

Most of This Content Coming Soon!

Transgender Faculty & Staff
Non-Discrimination Policies
SUNY Central LGBT Inclusion
United University Professionals
LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Affinity Group
Safe Space Program

Stay Connected!

With 165,000,000 living alum across the nation and worldwide, our alums are doing amazing things! Here are some resources that UAlbany alums may be interested in, from accessing resources after graduation such as career service help, to staying involved through events and giving, to sharing your success! 

Our support doesn't end after you graduate! Wondering if you should come out to an employer? What about Gender Identity discrimination? Where is the best place to search for jobs? How do I recruit UAlbany students for my workplace? Check out the LGBTQ resources on the Career Service page and stop by an inclusive career fair. There are lots of resources available for alums.

Donate Resources or Time!

Be Showcased!
We are working on a showcase sight for LGBTQ spectrum alums interested in sharing their path to success through online profiles. Inspiring potential and current students as well as other Alums. Contact us if you would like to be showcased. COMING SOON!

We Know You Care

We love parents and family members! Our mission is to provide an engaging supportive environment for all students. Below are some links that may interest you in supporting a potential or current student to reach their full potential on a college campus.

More Coming Soon!

LGBT Alumni

Safe Space Program

LGBT Parents/Guardians
We have many students who have LGBT parents on campus. The GSRC provides networking and community for students who want to connect as LGBT offspring, as well as providing continuous conversations and education around family, identity and U.S. Culture to create an inclusive supportive environment for all. 

Parents/Guardians of LGBT Students
If you are looking for resources to support a student coming out, to explore your own feelings around your student identifying as LGBTQ* or are worried about what the university does year round to create as an inclusive, empowered environment as possible please feel free to contact us. You may also want to check out Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) for information and resources.

FinAid! - Information on financial aid and over 150 scholarships available to GLBT and allied students from both local and national sources.

LGBT Student Scholarship Database - The following is a list of scholarships, fellowships and grants for LGBT and allied students at both the undergraduate and graduate-level.