Campus Climate Index

"Every student has the right to a safe learning environment where they can learn, live and grow academically and socially. As a result, campuses have the power and responsibility to enact policies, programs and practices that work to enhance the campus pride for all students -- including LGBT and Ally students."(Quote Campus Pride Index Philosophy)

In 2015 the Campus Climate Index Assessment for LGBT Inclusion relaunched with a new robust questionnaire challenging Colleges/Universities to expand resources for the LGBT community. The University at Albany received 3.5 stars on this new scale and is dedicated to continuous assessment and improvement on these topics. 

In 2008 the University at Albany participated in the first Campus Climate Index Assessment for LGBT Inclusion and in 2009 received 4 stars.


The University at Albany continues to review its Programs Policies and Practices for LGBT* inclusion and has a standing committee on LGBT Inclusion. If you have ideas about how we can further inclusion on campus please contact the LGBT Concerns Committee.