Single Stall Restrooms

UAlbany recognizes the need to expand gender inclusive single occupancy restrooms. Currently there are limited options. If you experience harassment or intimidation for using a public facility that is gendered please report it to the GSRC Coordinator. 

UAlbany Interactive Google Map of Bathrooms and Allies

Only you can make the best decision around your comfort and safety when using an on campus public restroom. While emergency blue phones are located in every Gender Inclusive Restroom and Female Indicated Gendered Restrooms across campus there are none located in Male Indicated Gendered Restrooms.

Academic Podium

Lecture Center (LC-SB)
Single stall Gender Inclusive Restrooms are located under the Lecture Center Concourse in the sub-basement.

New Business Building (BUS)
Single stall Gender Inclusive Restroom located on Lower Level of the new business building by the elevator.

University Hall (UNH)
Single stall gendered restrooms located on the second and third floor.

Residential Buildings

Single stall Gender Inclusive Restrooms are located in the basement and penthouse of the uptown Quads on campus. (State,  Colonial)

Single stall bathrooms are located inside all other quad low rises and towers. These bathrooms are shared with your suite mates on the uptown campus quads.

Some of the Empire Commons suites have private individual bathrooms connected to each bedroom, all other suites feature two bathrooms in each suite of four bedrooms, in other words one bathroom shared between two bedrooms.

Downtown campus housing provides each resident with a key to a multi-stall gendered bathroom located outside of bedrooms shared between all residents on that floor based on the students gender.

Sports Facilities

The pool bathrooms were recently converted to gender inclusive spaces with separated shower and locker rooms.

Football Stadium
The football stadium includes a main floor single stall Gender Inclusive Restroom that also has a baby changing table.

University Administration Building (UAB)

Single stall Gender Inclusive Restrooms are available on the second floor of UAB.

Downtown Campus

Dewey Library
Single stall All- Gender Restroom available in the Library.

Single stall gender inclusive restroom available in the basement level.