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Don't Cancel That Class!

The GSRC has access to a number of fun and interactive speakers and programs available at request. Below are some regular topics we cover. These programs can be altered to fit any length of time. If you are a faculty member in need of an interactive speaker for your class, or unexpectedly need someone to host a class for you, please consider contacting us before canceling! Just email us to see about availability.

If you are interested in a topic listed or not listed, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

    Our Student Leadership Panel is made of LGBT and Ally identified students who help facilitate dialogue about tough topics through sharing their own stories of identity, understanding, family, trials and successes!

    This panel can be anywhere from an hour to two hours. Students are available across identities and are able to talk about the intersections of student life and LGBTQ politics as well as the impact of racism, sexism & heterosexism in their lives and the lives of people around them.

    If you are interested in joining our speakers bureau or bringing these amazing students to your class or program please contact us!

    The Gender Game is 1.5 hour interactive floor game where students are the game pieces!
    This high impact session can be done in almost any setting and engages students by having them navigate a floor grid of sex, gender and sexuality. By working together, exploring and challenging constructs we collectively deconstruct messages we have absorbed through social memberships and begin to frame new conversations around how we can create more space for everyBODY to exist.



    Transgender identities have been a hot topic in main stream culture as of late. The GSRC staff  host many programs for Transgender identified students, faculty and staff as well as programs to engage the larger campus community.

    Trans* 101
    An introduction to transgender language, history and the issues facing Trans* people in our communities. 

    Beyond Binaries
    A conversation that complicates Male and Female binary sex constructs and engages a broader understanding of identity that can be often included under the Transgender Umbrella but can also be outside of it as well.

    Trans* in the Media
    In this program we explore historical and popular representations of transgender people in the Media to better understand the messages our communities have received over time about Trans* people.

    Your Ideas!
    We are always open to helping you host your own program around Trans* identities, contact us for a meeting.

    Trans*= Trans by definition means to cross. The * denotes the many identities within and beyond our understandings or definitions of what it means to be Transgender in our communities.

    Whether you are looking to incorporate more language into your own lexicon or just want to engage students with an interactive conversation about how we use language to communicate our emotional, social, sexual and romantic relationships we have the stuff for you!

    Language is an important part of how we communicate. LGBTQ* language has often been left out of educational resources, this is often why it becomes necessary to better understand the robust identities outside of the prominent heterosexual social narratives. Check out our Glossary page to explore language on your own!

    LGBT* 101
    Goes over some basic language components that make up our understanding of gender and sexuality, then provides basic understanding of everyday language used in the LGBTQ community. This session can be as long or as short as needed. The shortest being 15 minutes the longest being 1.5-2 hours

    LGBT Terminology is also covered in the Safe Space training programs.