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The Office of Student Involvement is available to provide support to student organizations in coordinating events both on and off-campus.  These events can include conferences, concerts, performances and outside speakers.  The information on this website is available to provide tools in that process.


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How do I reserve space on campus?

  • Academic Space (specific buildings/rooms available M-F, 7:15pm-11pm): Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Campus Center:  Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Performing Arts Center:  Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS
  • Campus Recreation Facilities: Complete the required reservation forms from their website and submit to Peter Kay, Associate Director of Campus Recreation at
  • Athletic Department Venues: Complete the Athletic Facility Request Form and submit to Eric Fletcher, Assistant Director for Game Management and Event Operation, at
  • Residential Life Conference/Meeting Rooms: Forms and policies are specific to each quad.  A list of phone numbers is available in the “housing options” section of the Res Life website.
  • Outdoor Venues (including non-athletic fields, hardscape spaces outside of the residential areas, 5K routes):  Submit by email to Jennifer Anderson, Associate Director of Student Involvement, at for consideration as a special request event.
  • Please note that student organization events/meetings are not permitted after the last day of classes each semester.

How do I get access to Virtual EMS?

  • Your organization must have completed the 2014-2015 Student Group Registration Form on MyInvolvement and received confirmation of approval.
  • You must have been selected as a Reservation Coordinator by your student organization (each group is allowed to choose two).  Your President must have sent you a formal invitation for this new position through MyInvolvement and you must have accepted and populated your MyInvolvement profile with a phone number.
  • Approval of your registration (a notification of which is received by the group president) and your acceptance of the Reservation Coordinator position allows us to upload your group into EMS.
  • Reservation Coordinators will be uploaded from MyInvolvement to EMS each Monday.

All registered student organizations are encouraged to submit an Off-Campus Event Registration Form when hosting/co-hosting an event at an off-campus location.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Anderson, Associate Director of Student Involvement, at, (518) 442-5566 or stop by the office in Campus Center 130.

Please be aware that you may submit the form more than once if you are looking for feedback as you work through the event planning process.

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Jennifer Anderson, Associate Director of Student Involvement
(518) 442-5566

Doug Sweet, Assistant Director of Student Involvement
(518) 442-5566

The Office of Student Involvement staff are available to assist you through all stages of your event planning - providing the level of support appropriate to your needs and event.

Please complete the following form and a member of our staff will contact you to confirm a meeting:

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