Planning Your Event

The Office of Student Involvement is available to provide support to student organizations in coordinating events both on and off-campus.  These events can include conferences, concerts, performances and outside speakers.  The information on this website is available to provide tools in that process.

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How do I reserve space on campus?

  • Academic Space (specific buildings/rooms available M-F, 7:15pm-11pm): Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS. Requests for space are accepted after the first two weeks of each semester. **CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT ACADEMIC SPACE RESERVATION INFORMATION**
  • Campus Center: Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Performing Arts Center: Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Campus Recreation Facilities: Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Athletic Department Venues: Submit reservation request through Virtual EMS.
  • Residential Life Conference/Meeting Rooms: Forms and policies are specific to each quad.  A list of phone numbers is available in the “housing options” section of the Res Life website.
  • Outdoor Venues (including non-athletic fields, hardscape spaces outside of the residential areas, 5K routes): Email the Student Organization Resource Center at for consideration as a special request event.
  • LC Charitable Wall Display Request Form: Request through MyInvolvement.
  • Please note that student organization events/meetings are not permitted after the last day of classes each semester.

How do I get access to Virtual EMS?

  • Your organization must have completed the 2015-2016 Student Group Registration Form on MyInvolvement and received confirmation of approval.
  • You must have been selected as a Reservation Coordinator by your student organization (each group is allowed to choose no more than two) during the registration process. Your President must have sent you a formal invitation for this new position through MyInvolvement and you must have accepted the invitation.
  • Approval of your registration (a notification of which is received by the group President) and your acceptance of the Reservation Coordinator position allows us to upload your group into EMS.
  • Reservation Coordinators will be uploaded daily from MyInvolvement to EMS.

All registered student organizations are expected to submit an Off-Campus Event Registration Form when hosting/co-hosting an event at an off-campus location.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Organization Resource Center via, and (518) 442-5566, or stop by the office in Campus Center 110A.

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The Student Organization Resource Center staff are available to assist you through all stages of your event planning - providing the level of support appropriate to your needs and event.

(518) 442-5566