Promotional Policies

Learn about our policies regarding the hanging of banners and posting of flyers as well as submitting items for display on Campus Center monitors.

Exterior Posting Guidelines

The posting policy has been designed to reduce clutter on the Podium, to assist sponsors in more effectively promoting their events, and to make event information more readily accessible to the campus community. This system requires the assistance of all of our student and University organizations to be successful. Flyers posted without authorization will be removed within 24 hours of posting. Repeated violations will result in a loss of posting privileges and possible judicial action.

Registration of all flyers must be completed with the Office of Student Involvement in Campus Center West B91 prior to posting on the academic Podium. In order to insure the integrity of the review process, flyers submitted (two copies required) before 3:00 PM will be available by 10:00 AM the following day. Podium bulletin boards have been color-coded and flyers will be registered for posting using this color-coding system.

Please note these additional guidelines:

  • Only flyers announcing programs/events sponsored by recognized campus organizations and University departments will be authorized.
  • Flyers shall be posted only on delineated exterior bulletin boards. Flyers placed on any other surface will be removed.
  • The University’s "Freedom of Expression” Policy applies to the content of podium flyers.
  • Generally, flyers shall be displayed on bulletin boards for no longer than fourteen days.
  • Originals must be date-stamped by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership prior to posting on bulletin boards. Flyers without a date stamp will be removed.
  • Flyers are not to exceed 8.5" x 11" standard portrait size.
  • Generally each flyer will be assigned one pillar color (new as of Spring 2008).
  • Organizations may post only one event flyer per pillar.
  • Sponsorship on the flyer must be explicit. e.g., “Sponsored by (name of group/department).”
  • Student Association-funded groups must include the following line on their flyers: "Your Student Activity Fee at work."

FLYERS MAY NOT BE PLACED OVER CURRENT/VALID FLYERS OF OTHER ORGANIZATIONS. Advertisements for Ballroom Parties must abide by the policies outlined in the Campus Center Ballroom Party Guidelines.The kiosks (eight-sided bulletin boards) in front of the Campus Center are intended for announcements, selling books, services, etc. and do not need Student Involvement authorization.


Campus Center Banner Guidelines

The main lobby of the Campus Center is an attractive location for promoting on-campus events. In order to regulate the hanging of banners by the University community, these guidelines have been established to insure that fair and equitable time may be given to all organizations wishing to utilize this method of program promotions.

Approval must be obtained from the Campus Center Management Office in Campus Center 137 prior to the hanging of banners in the Campus Center Lobby. Hanging of banners is permitted with the following conditions:

  • Banners may promote University events or organizations ONLY.
  • Banners must prominently indicate the University sponsor of the event
  • Banners may be hung with STRING from the 2nd floor gallery railings only (no tape). String will be provided.
  • Banners must not extend below the edge of the lobby doorways nor cover any emergency exit signs.
  • Campus Center Management will provide banner material free of charge to registered student organizations (one per group/semester). Banners must be 3’ high and 6’ wide. If using an off-campus vendor for printing a Banner, organization must receive and provide documentation for the certification of Flame Retardance by off-campus vendor to Campus
    Center Management. Documentation must be accepted by Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • All approved banners must display the Campus Center Management authorization in a visible area on a bottom corner.
  • Banners may be approved to hang for a maximum of seven consecutive days.
  • Banner sponsors assume the responsibility for the hanging and removal of banners at the expiration of the authorization period.
  • Banners that are not removed by the expiration date will be taken down by the Campus Center Management staff and stored at the Information Desk. Unclaimed banners will be discarded every Friday.
  • Campus Center Management reserves the right to re-arrange or temporarily remove a banner to promote a University sponsored activity and/or during an event that utilizes the Campus Center Lobby.
  • The center lobby location below the Ballroom entrance may only be used Monday through Thursday. The space is reserved for the sponsor of the evening activity in the Ballroom beginning Friday morning.

Procedures for Submitting Items for Display Monitors

Campus groups and departments are invited to display their notices and event info on SUNYCard and Campus Center monitors. Click here for more details.