The GSRC offers Semester, Year round, and Summer internships! Many internships can be counted for course credit. Check out our internship choices below as well as some previous projects our interns have worked on.

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Course Credit
The GSRC is a registered organization with the Community & Public Services Program (CPSP) on campus. Through this program students can complete 60-100 hours of services with the GSRC and receive 1-3 credits a semester for a total of four semesters. Students can also use CPSP to work with other organizations on campus or in the community. Visit their website for more info.

Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies Internship   
The WGS Department offers a course where students can work with the GSRC or another community organization as part of their minor or major requirements. Internships are available through the department in the Spring Semester.

Other Course Internships?
If you know of an internship course in your department that you would like to be listed here or you would like to see if interning in the GSRC could count towards another course please contact us . We are very interested in expanding our internship opportunities across departments, majors and minors!

Internships not for course credit
You do not have to be part of any specific program to join the GSRC team!
Student may receive community services hours for working with the GSRC. Whether its just for a night a week or a whole year we are happy to welcome all who would help us grow as a center.

Non- Student Community Members
May be appointed as a volunteer to the University through work with the center. Please contact us if you are interested in working on our campus with our students as a volunteer.

Off Campus
Additionally if you would like to connect with local or national internships check out our local and national resource pages as well as the Office of Career & Professional Development Services. You can always connect with the GSRC Coordinator to learn more about these great organizations and other opportunities off campus.