AMS Special Session on Recent Advances in Schubert Calculus and Related Topics

March 20-21, 2021

Organized by Cristian Lenart and Changlong Zhong.

Saturday morning
9:00 Julinna Tymoczko Hessenberg Schubert polynomials     slides
9:30 Rebecca Goldin Positivity of Schubert Calculus     slides
11:00 Anders Buch A Pieri rule for the quantum K-theory of maximal orthogonal Grassmannians     slides
11:30 Leonardo Mihalcea Positivity of Segre-MacPherson classes.     slides
12:00 Changjian Su Whittaker functions from motivic Chern classes.     slides
12:30 Richard Rimanyi Bow varieties     slides
Saturday afternoon
3:00 William Fulton Degeneracy Loci and Schubert Polynomials     slides
3:30 Allen Knutson Puzzles compute the Euler characteristic of the intersection of Bruhat cells.    slides
4:00 Thomas Lam Positroid varieties and q,t-Catalan numbers     slides
4:30 Colleen Robichaux Equivariant cohomology, Schubert calculus, and Edge labeled tableaux.     slides
Sunday morning
9:00 Hao Li On equivariant oriented cohomology of Bott-Samelson varieties     slides
9:30 Kirill Zainoulline Localized operations on T-equivariant oriented cohomology of projective homogeneous varieties     slides
11:00 Yiqiang Li Quasi-split symmetric pairs of type A and Steinberg varieties of classical type     slides
11:30 Matt Douglass Equivariant coherent sheaves on a point and Kazhdan-Lusztig bases     slides
12:00 William Graham Indecomposability and tangent spaces to Schubert varieties     slides
12:30 Daniel Orr Equivariant K-theory of the semi-infinite flag manifold as a nil-DAHA module     slides
Sunday afternoon
3:00 Anna Weigandt Derivatives of Schubert polynomials and proof of a determinant conjecture of Stanley     slides
3:30 Oliver Pechenik Doppelganger posets and the K-theory of flag varieties     slides
4:00 Rachel Karpman Isotopies of Latin tableaux     slides

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