OpenText RedDot CMS

The RedDot website provides documentation and assistance to the University at Albany community for using the RedDot Content Management System.

What is RedDot?

The RedDot Content Management System is a tool utilized to enter and update information on UAlbany web pages. RedDot allows the UAlbany community to maintain their websites without the use or knowledge of HTML and/or web editing software like Dreamweaver.  

How does RedDot work?

RedDot Solutions logoRedDot is accessed from a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Web pages are created and edited within the RedDot system using a text editor that is similar to Microsoft Word. Once pages are created and updated in RedDot they are published to the UAlbany website.

Note: RedDot Content Management System has been renamed OpenText Web Site Management. For the purposes of this site we will continue to refer to the product as RedDot.