RedDot Interface

Start Page
After logging in to RedDot the SmartEdit Start Page will be displayed. The Start page provides a way to navigate to the website that will be edited.

RedDot Interface - Start Page


SmartEdit is where most of the work will be done to create and edit web pages. The pages in SmartEdit contain the red dot symbols and descriptive text for each section of the web page. It resembles what the finished web page will look like in a web browser.
In SmartEdit mode there is a secondary menu of icons on the right side of the page that provide alternative ways to Search and access the Asset Manager. In addition, there are icons on the bottom right of the page that allows the user to switch between editing and form mode as well as previewing the page in a browser.

RedDot Interface - SmartEdit


The Homepage displays summary information about page pieces in your website. The Homepage can be checked to see if there are any pages saved as a Draft or waiting for Release for publishing.

RedDot Interface - Homepage


Asset Manager
Images, documents and any other media assets used on web pages are stored in the Asset Manager in RedDot. Files that that are already in the Asset Manager can be selected for use on web pages and new files can be uploaded to it. 

RedDot Interface - Asset Manager

The Tasks menu allows the editor to check the status of pages in the workflow. Pages that have not been submitted to the workflow and released will not be published.

RedDot Interface - Tasks


Search allows the editor to search for existing RedDot page pieces. Page pieces can be searched using different criteria such as Headline, Page ID and Modification date.

RedDot Interface - Search


Text Editor
The Text Editor is where text-based content is edited and formatted. The interface is similar to Microsoft Word and includes a toolbar for formatting text, adding links and images.

RedDot Interface - Text Editor