RedDot Terminology

Red Dots
The colored round symbols used in the RedDot system to signify the state of different editable areas of the page. There are different red dots to open, close and edit a web page.

Examples of red dots:

 Example of Open Page red dot symbol Open the page for editing
 Example of Close Page red dot symbol Close the page and save changes
Example of Open Images and Text red dot symbol Open images and text for editing
 Example of Open Multi-link red dot symbol Open a section that contains multiple links
 Example of Page is being edited by another user red dot symbol The page cannot be opened because it is being edited by another user. Hover over the red dot to display the User ID of the other editor.

Page Piece
A section of a whole web page. In RedDot web pages are made up of several page pieces. For example, the text in the center may be considered a "page piece" and the contact information in the right column may also be a "page piece". A collection of these "page pieces" make up a whole web page. You will be able to add or change these pieces of content by clicking on red dots that appear on the page. Page pieces can also be "re-used" on new pages so they do not have to be recreated on each new page of the site.

Examples of page pieces:

 Example of Contact Box     Example of Learn More About center content box     Example of Learn More About box right column

Child Page
A subpage that resides in a level below another page, referred to as the Parent page. In the left navigation example below, the Parent page is About the School and the Child pages are Office of the Dean, Mission, Vision, Values and School at a Glance.

Example of Parent and Child Pages in the Left Navigation

Foundation Page
The basis for all other page pieces. Opening the Foundation page will allow the user to add new RedDot page pieces as well as edit existing page pieces that are on the web page. The Foundation red dot is usually located under the Minerva symbol in the logo on UAlbany RedDot pages. See the "Open Page" red dot in the example below.

Example of Foundation Page Red Dot

Page ID
The unique number assigned by RedDot to each page piece. The Page ID is listed in brackets next to the red dot for the page piece. In the example above the Page ID is [19945]. This number can be used to search for page pieces for future use.

How a web page gets transferred from RedDot to the UAlbany web server. Creating and editing pages in RedDot takes place on a separate RedDot server. Changes made in RedDot will not be live on the UAlbany website until they are published from the RedDot server to the UAlbany web server.

Asset Manager

Images, documents and any other media assets used on web pages are stored in the Asset Manager in RedDot. Files that that are already in the Asset Manager can be selected for use on web pages and new files can be uploaded to it.