Frankie Bailey

Examines how the media's treatment of crime differs across racial lines

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Frankie Bailey

School of Criminal Justice
Department: Criminal Justice

Crime and mass media/popular culture; crime history; race, gender, crime; crime and detective fiction

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Frankie Y. Bailey has been on faculty in the School of Criminal Justice since 1990. Her research focuses on criminal justice and American popular culture/mass media and social history, with emphasis on issues of race/ethnicity, class, and gender.

Bailey is the co-editor of Famous American Crimes and Trials (Praeger Publishers, 2004), the co-author of Law Never Here: A Social History of African American Responses to Issues of Crime and Justice (Praeger Publishers, 1999), and the co-author of Blood on Her Hands (Wadsworth Publishing, 2004) about women who kill. She is the author of mystery novels featuring Professor Lizzie Stuart.



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