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Special Interest Housing Sign Up

Special Interest Sign up: Medical Needs, Honors College, and Recess Housing

Apartments: Selection February 23rd: 10am - 6pm
Residence Halls Selection March 2nd & 3rd: 10am - 6pm

During SPECIAL INTEREST SIGN UP, students that meet the requirements as listed may sign up on February 23rd for the apartments and March 2-3 for the residence halls. However, you MAY NOT bring roommates and/or suitemates that do not meet these same requirements with you nor hold space for them. If you wish to live with specific people that do not qualify for these dates, you must participate with them during open sign-up for the apartments or residence halls.

Medical Needs Students: Students with DOCUMENTED medical needs, from the University Health Center or Carolyn Malloch of the Disability Resource Center, may sign up for on this date. Students participating in this process may only bring with them a roommate if applicable.

Honors College Students: Students in the Honor College program may sign up for the following Halls: upper class students in Melville on State, juniors and seniors who currently participate in the Honor’s College can sign up for Empire Commons. Honors College students may NOT bring non-Honors College roommates / suitemates with them at this time.

Recess Housing: Those areas that remain open during all breaks and winter intersession, when traditional halls close. For the 2015 - 2016 academic year these buildings include:

University Apartments

    Empire Commons
    Liberty Terrace
    Freedom Apartments

Residence Halls

    Dutch Quad: Van Rensselaer, Ryckman, Ten Broeck, Bleeker and Van Cortland
    Alumni Quad: All Buildings