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Clash of the Quads - 10th Anniversary

UAlbany is steeped in tradition. One of our traditions, Clash of the Quads will be held on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 1pm at the SEFCU Arena. The tradition began around 1913 and actually lasted into the 1960’s. It was a rivalry between the freshman and sophomore classes that eventually included upperclassmen, designated by different colors and mascots. The classes would also have their own class song, fight song and a large banner that featured their class year and mascot. Rivalry started on Campus Day, an event held in late October and lasted throughout the year until Moving-Up-Day just before Commencement.

Rivalry was revitalized in 2003 by UAlbany's Spirit Committee, a group which consists of students, athletes, faculty and staff. Rivalry has been transformed into ‘Clash of the Quads’. Each of the five quads and University Apartments compete in a series of events, enjoying the challenge and relishing in the competition that will lead their team to victory. Among the list of events are kickball, egg-on-spoon relays, musical chairs, 3-legged races, volleyball and a tug of war. Each quad competes in a series of events that range from an obstacle course, bungee run, volleyball, 3-legged race, basketball shoot out, musical chairs, tug of war and much more! The scoring is simple: The winner of each event and the runner up of each event receives points; the quad with the most points at the end of the day is the winner.