Spring 2021 Opening Information 

Please check this page frequently for more information on UAS services for Spring 2021. Click on the various UAS services below to learn more. 

NEW for spring: All students, faculty and staff must now order their new or replacement ID card online or via the GET Food App. All new cards are complimentary. Replacement cards are $20. Click the link below for instructions on how to order a UAlbany ID Card:

How to order a new and replacement card. 

The ID Card Office is open virtually due to COVID-19. Manage your ID card services online at UAlbanyID.com or through the CBORD Mobile ID App. If you need assistance, please call (518) 442-5989, or email the ID Card Office at [email protected]. Click here for hours of operation. 

Important Meal Plan Dates:

Meal plans begin January 26th at 4PM. 

Add, drop, and change your meal plan until February 12! Log in to UAlbanyID.com or use your CBORD Mobile ID App to make changes to your meal plans and add funds.

Campus Center Retail Dining Updates:

  • A new venue, Purple Plate, will open in the Campus Center (at the former Simple Servings location). This venue will be open for lunch and dinner and will provide value-priced full meals (entrée and sides) at a 50% discount to students on a myFlex and myChoice Meal Plan using Discount Dollars. 
  • Allergen-free Simple Serving meals will be offered as grab & go at 518 Market at a 30% discount to students on a myFlex and myChoice Meal Plan using Discount Dollars (note that Simple Serving meals at 518 have been adjusted to be the same price as when offered at a 50% discount in the fall). 
  • Fountain Grill Breakfast will start offering a full breakfast “meal deal” plate at a 50% discount to students on a myFlex and myChoice Meal Plan using Discount Dollars.  
  • WOW at Damien’s Café will be closed during the spring term. Wings can be purchased at the Purple Plate on a rotating basis. 
  • Starbucks will require ordering on the GET Food App only. No register ordering available.  
  • Retail dining hours of operation are now posted. Please click here for What’s Open and When.

For more information on the myFlex and myChoice meal plans click here

Important Reminders:

Discount Dollars do not activate a discount for prepackaged goods, bottled beverages, or at vending machines. Meal plan students should add Munch Money or Podium Dollars onto their ID Card to pay for these items. Munch Money and Podium can be added via the CBORD Mobile ID App or online at any time. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]

Discount Dollars and Munch Money rollover from fall to spring. Any unused funds will expire at the end of the spring semester. Familiarize yourself with the Discount Dollars usage guide to help budget your spending for next semester. 

Special Dietary Needs:

Students on a meal plan have complimentary access to the campus dietitian, Donna Duffy. Students with special dietary needs are encouraged to contact Ms. Duffy to discuss individual needs/expectations.

As indicate above, allergen-free meals (Simple Servings) will be available at 518 Market and all venues have allergen/vegan/vegetarian information posted at each venue and online.

Though Kosher Kitchen will be closed, prepackaged kosher meals will be available for pick up at 518 Market. Please email [email protected] to receive access to the preorder form. Kosher meals are discounted 30% for those on a myFlex or myChoice Meal Plan. Weekly menus are posted on the Kosher Kitchen webpage for review. Frozen kosher meals can also be purchased from 518 Market at the Campus Center (Note: meal plan students should use Munch Money, Podium or credit card for 518 Market items since there is no discount when using Discount Dollars).

Halal locations in retail include: Halal Shack, Baba's Pizza and 518 Market. 

Allergen information is available for all retail venues. Please click here to view the allergen information. 

Check out UAlbany Dining's FAQ page for more information about dining on campus and meal plans. 

Please refer to the On-Campus Quarantine & Isolation page for more details on quarantine/isolation meals and dining information. 

Order your textbooks and required course material ahead of time on the University Bookstore website.  Check out this pdf for guidance on ordering your course material. 

The bookstore offers price matching whether you rent or buy! Just provide them with a few details to get started. 

Digital content is available on the University Bookstore's website. See their FAQ's on digital content here

Campus Gold sign-ups are closed for the spring 2021 semester. 

Campus Gold is an advance of up to $650 to buy textbooks/supplies while waiting for your financial aid or other funding to arrive. Request Campus Gold for Spring 2021 by February 12 at UAlbanyID.com or through your CBORD Mobile ID App! Learn more about Campus Gold here

Looking for a MicroFridge rental for the Spring 2021 semester? Contact the Refrigerator Leasing Co. directly to reserve a unit. More details on MicroFridge here


The Campus Center branch and Video Teller Machines (VTM) are open for spring semester. 

Click here for the SEFCU Campus Center Branch and VTM hours. 

For non-teller line transactions, please schedule an appointment ahead of time at sefcu.com/branch-appointment

If you need moving and storage services, please contact Don's directly at 855-973-1057 or visit their website

Don's is the only storage and moving service sanctioned by the University and allowed on campus.

Zipcar has incorporated the following enhanced cleaning methods to provide a safe driving experience during COVID-19.  

Zipcar covid-19 safety.In order to maintain a safe Zipcar environment, Zipcar has taken the following measures: 1. What spray bottle icon on green circle. Enhanced cleaning protocols. Cleaning vendors have updated their disinfectant cleaning process and use antiviral and antimicrobial solutions. 2. Hands washing each other white icon on green circle. Employee safety education. Cleaning solutions and protective equipment have been provided and have implemented quarantines and social distancing if required. Green and black text on light gray background. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, and Twitter @UASAlbany social media Icons. UAlbany UAS split A logo. Zipcar logo.

UAS has partnered with Haylor, Freyer & Coon to insure all you value. They provide you with the complete coverage you need to guarantee that your personal property is protected, no matter if you’re on campus or off campus, in the U.S., or studying abroad.

Looking for more details on a personal property coverage for Spring 2021? Contact their Servicing Broker at 1-866-535-0456, email [email protected], or visit their UAlbany page here.

University-Wide COVID-19 Updates

Please check the University's COVID-19 Campus Life page for COVID-related updates and the On-Campus Quarantine & Isolation page for more information about quarantine meals and dining.