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Irwin Baumel and Elise DeSeve traveled to Europe this past summer. They spent time in Budapest and Amsterdam and visited the Van Gogh Museum. Ken George, who had a knee replacement, is doing well and back to playing tennis. His youngest grandson graduated with a master’s degree in business and works at Price-WaterhouseCoopers in New York City. Ben Jackson sends best wishes to members of the Class of 1950. “I have memories of those long-ago years. I can’t believe it’s been 65 years, even though I was a math major and can certainly do the math.”

Audrey Koch Feathers’ granddaughter, Gretchen, is the online marketing manager of Chelsea Green Publishing in Vermont, and is an aspiring Adirondack 46er following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Dick Feathers. Her Uncle Rich and Uncle Bob Feathers are Adirondack 46ers, as well.

Lila Lee Silva Harrington spent three weeks in Scottsdale, Ariz., with her daughter Leslie and family. The trip included a visit to Sedona. Lila joined Leslie and her husband for lunch at the Enchanted Resort. Earlier, they participated in a two-day conference on global issues, a gathering of international dignitaries. They enjoyed visiting the Desert Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale. Lila is in good health, is still driving, and plans to visit Oneonta, Vermont, North Carolina and the coast. She spoke with Jeanne Bowen Walsh-Gardner on her birthday. Lila sends warm thoughts to 1950 classmates and Phi Delta sisters.

Marjory Lyons celebrated the birth of her second great-granddaughter, Quinn, as well as her own (85th) birthday, in Cavendish, Vt., where her family once had a small, historic inn. In an English accent learned as a student of Agnes Futterer, Marj read excerpts from one of her plays, much to the amusement of those gathered for the occasion. She retired from Nova Southeastern University after 22 years on the graduate faculty. At a recent lunch with University Associate Vice President Lori Matt-Murphy, Marj was presented a framed replica of a UAlbany magazine column she wrote about Helen Jones Warner, B.A.’36, M.L.S.’67.

Albert Martin provided a testimony to the life of his wife and our classmate, Shirley Warner Martin. Shirley was a math teacher, superintendent of the Sunday school, a member of the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council of Erie County, founding member of the Bowmansville Very Little Theater, past president of the Lancaster Historical Society, and an avid traveler.

Malcolm Slakter spoke of the many advantages of living in Hawaii but noted that flying to the mainland to visit family is not one of them, especially since 9/11. Each year, in times past, he and Nancy would visit family. But with age and health now factors, Malcolm and Nancy’s flying days are over, so family members visit them in Hawaii. Their younger son and two of his children visited in June. Malcolm and Nancy try to appreciate each day in paradise and report that life is good.

Harold Sparky Vaughn’s granddaughter, Olivia Hern, who recently completed her first year at Carnegie Mellon, spent part of the summer with the National Theater for Young Artists in New York and in Prague. While meeting in New York with two anti-human trafficking organizations, Sparky visited daughter Karen and granddaughter Christine. There will be a family reunion in Shelburne, Vt., on the occasion of grandson Christopher’s wedding. Sparky is working with a group of Rotarians in Washington, D.C., and Bangkok, Thailand, to address human-trafficking and child-slavery issues.

Class notes councilor: Harold Vaughn, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: I am saddened to report the passing of our classmate Don Putterman. Don was a leader of our class for many years. Marilyn Johnson VanDyke remains closely involved with the Warren County Historical Society. She celebrated her daughter’s wedding in June, and now has two great sons-in-law. Her grandson manages dorms at The College of Saint Rose, and her granddaughter has transferred to UAlbany. Jean Faville Smith and husband Smitty enjoyed a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Croix this past spring. They are planning a trip to Burlington, Vt., in September.

Madeline Weitlof Huchro was diagnosed with Walanstrom macroglobulinemia a year ago and underwent chemotherapy treatments, but she is doing well. She plans to spend six months in Westport and six months in Florida. Her daughter is retiring after teaching and coaching for 34 years; her son has been a national sales representative for PepsiCo since 1985. Her two granddaughters have launched careers in physical education and massage therapy.

Jeanne Seymour Earle survived an aorta valve replacement and three bypasses with flying colors. She’s still working at the library and enjoys attending Broadway shows with friends. Vickie Eade Eddy will be attending her grandson Jeffrey’s wedding in Seattle. She notes, “It is nice being in touch with my 12 grandchildren’s lives, as some are living in other states, and just three live in my hometown of Olean, N.Y.”

Ginny Maurer Tracey updated her mailing address to Rexford, N.Y., which is still in Clifton Park (contact your class councilor for details.) Bert Jablon and his wife enjoyed a Road Scholar program in Toronto. Nancy Frey Pettinelli’s grandchildren are performing very well in their respective sports. Her oldest grandson finished his first year at Stevenson University, where he played on the lacrosse team. His brother, a junior in high school, plays both basketball and lacrosse; he was named to the First Team Missouri All Stars. Nancy’s youngest grandson lives in Pennsylvania and participates in many sports, including lacrosse. Her four granddaughters are also doing well, with interests in art and athletics. Nancy says she’s “trying to empty her house, but it’s not easy.”

Tom Holman is still enjoying the benefits of living on Long Island and in St. Maarten. St. Maarten now has a first-class air terminal; Tom invites classmates to stay at “his hotel,” Hotel Pasanggraham. Jane Minckler Jennings attended her granddaughter’s wedding at the Trump Winery and saw the beautiful home her granddaughter recently purchased. Her granddaughter, who recently earned a master’s degree from the University of Virginia, is an engineer for Army Intelligence.

Kitty Kloser Irons and husband Marty suffered long-term bronchitis throughout the winter, hindering their usual travel plans. They’ve fully recovered and are back to their busy schedules. Kitty’s granddaughter Megan is in Senegal and has learned the Wolof language. Her other granddaughter, Erin, is working on a summer internship at St. Michael’s College admissions office.

Margaret Jackson Moschak recently wrote Different Drummers, a book filled with anecdotes of the problems people run into when they live and work together. It is available on Amazon. Bill Wiley is in his sixth year of remission for lymphoma. His wife, Jane, had a spinal fusion in June. They have moved into a continuing-care facility on Hilton Head Island, which Jane says is “like going to senior camp.” Their family is spread throughout the country; one granddaughter is studying electrical engineering at the University of Arizona, and her sister will begin law school at the University of California, Berkeley. Another granddaughter will be a junior in high school. Bill’s teenage grandkids are in private school in Marietta, Ga.

Joyce Leavitt Zanchelli and Joe Zanchelli ’49 attended Road Scholar programs in Warwick, N.Y., and St. Augustine, Fla. They’ve had some health issues but are doing well and have busy schedules once again. They celebrated their youngest grandchild’s graduation in June. Al Stevenson has recovered well from his serious illness and has returned to teaching. He will be traveling to upstate New York for his grand-niece’s wedding. Each year, the Class of 1952 bestows a scholarship on a UAlbany junior or senior, in honor of distinguished teaching faculty from NYSCT classes of 1948-1952. This year’s award honors modern languages faculty: Frank G. Carrino, J. Wesley Childres, Edwin C. Munro and Arlene F. Preseon. It was presented to Teresa Peralta ’15 by Joan Barron, Class of 1952 co-councilor.

Class notes councilor: Joyce Zanchelli, [email protected]

Bob and Rosie Hughes and Hank Koszewski

Bob Hughes ’53, Rosie Keller Hughes ’53, and Hank Koszewski ’53 recently caught up with each other.


Irene Brezinsky McDonald remembers working on the State College News, which was printed and proofread in Hudson. Irene’s edition featured a banner headline, “Sorority-Frat Ball.” Irene recalls: “I looked at the final copy, and had a shock.  ‘Frat’ was misspelled. The printers told me that college kids couldn’t proofread and that all the papers had been printed and if I wanted to change the spelling, I’d have to pay. Of course, they’d made one bad copy to scare me and have a little bawdy joke.” Irene learned a wonderful lesson about proofreading and often shared this story with her students. Irene continues her career as a reporter and writes a column, “Reading and Renewal,” for her Catholic diocesan paper.

Herb Thier was recognized in a recent National Science Foundation article. He is highly regarded in his field, as noted in “Reflections from Science Education Pioneer Herb Thier on the Value of Inquiry-Based Learning.” The article can be read in its entirety at Howie Fenenbock plays poker and bridge regularly. If your class councilor remembers correctly, Howie liked to play cards in the Commons.

Doug Nielsen enjoys his role as a grandparent. “Our granddaughter, Kara, has presented us with a second great-granddaughter, Naomi, born in March. It’s fun to visit and hold her, and her older sister, Hannah, enjoys her little sister.” Two of Doug’s granddaughters graduated from college: Megan, from Oklahoma University with dual degrees in international relations, and Megan’s younger sister, Jonna, from Cornell with a bachelor’s degree in human relations. Jonna works in New York City.

Jordine Skoff Von Wantoch met her daughter in London for a few shows, then traveled to Dubai. Jordine is now co-chair of a committee, with actor Robert Foxworth, to increase estate gifts to The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. She traveled to Hartford this past spring for the opening of Kiss Me Kate, directed by Darko Tresnjak. A tribute to Jordine is included on the Military Service Wall at UAlbany. It describes her career in the Navy, including her contributions to revised policies allowing women to combine motherhood with a naval career.

Bob Bitgood ’54 remembers his first wife, Marie De Seve, who died from complications of childbirth at age 25. Marie was a cheerful, active member of our class. Milan Krchniak, Bob Giammatteo, Claude Palczak and Paul Ward attended the spring Potter Club luncheon. Marie Hoffman continues to be involved in local events and has been meeting with several high-school friends on a regular basis following her 50th high school reunion. Her son has written two computer books, one of which has been adopted as a college textbook.

Bob Hughes and Rosie Keller Hughes have celebrated several special occasions with their grandchildren. One granddaughter received a master’s degree in art therapy, with honor, from Pratt Institute, and the other granddaughter was recently married. One grandson graduated from high school and will attend SUNY Geneseo; his brother turned 16 and will be driving. The youngest grandson entertains the grandparents with his 10-year-old antics. Your class councilor would like to mention those who left us in recent months: Pat Butler Dornburgh, Nancy Worden Hebert, Bill Helmer, Dick Jacobson, Evelyn Paulus Halloran, James Panton, Barbara Newcomb Reynolds, Bob Babcock, Noreen Connell Byrnes and Richard Terzian. To keep up with classmates, join us by “liking” the Class of 1953 Facebook page.

Class notes councilor: Rose Mary (Rosie) Keller Hughes, [email protected]