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Vincent Gillen and Margaret will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary in November.

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Beth Akers

Eleanor Rothe Hammond


Eleanor Rothe Hammond recently celebrated her 93rd birthday. She lives in Round Rock, Texas.


Sheila Van Scoy Dingley’s husband, Albert F. Dingley Jr., passed in August 2014. Sheila now lives in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and sends her love to her Phi Delta sisters. Clara Beninati’s husband, Albert Beninati ’49, passed away in May 2015. Joan Sittner Sherwood attended her granddaughter’s wedding in Santa Paula, Calif. Joan keeps busy as a volunteer at the REACH Interpretive Center and the library, and enjoys going to the opera, visiting the beach and spending time with her third granddaughter. She lives in Richland, Wash. Ruth Seelbach Elmore and husband Jim recently celebrated his 90th birthday at John Knox Village, Lee’s Summit, Mo. Ruth’s granddaughter has been nominated for an Emmy award. Rosemary Ryan McGraw of Voorheesville, N.Y., welcomed a great-grandchild. She enjoys spending time with her eight grandchildren and now, four great-grandchildren. Barbara Hyman Shapiro relocated from Florida to Teaneck, N.J., to be closer to family. Gari Paticopoulos will join her grandson, who works in Shanghai, in Albany to visit family. Eleanor Holbig Alland recently attended the Vital Volunteers Luncheon at UAlbany and visited with many of her former Chi Sigma Theta sisters. Wanda Tomasik Methe and Viola Abrams Pettersen keep in touch with each other.

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Alumni wine tasting benefit

Alumni enjoy a wine-tasting reception to benefit the Spirit Scholarship.


Bonnie Lee Adkins’ granddaughter Dee was promoted with the Peace Corps in Africa. Dee visited volunteers in Liberia and Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, returning healthy and fulfilled. Bonnie’s grandson Joe recently returned from Japan, where his band played in several music festivals; he lives in Tucson, Ariz.

Lena Sorcinelli Capuano’s oldest son recently retired from teaching at Truman State University and will be living with her for the next six months. He’ll return to his home in Kirkville, Mo., to spend the holidays with his children. Lena’s other son, a real-estate agent, lives in Newtown, Conn. Lena feels fortunate to have some of her family close by: She also has a son who lives across the street from her home in Altamont and teaches biology and environmental studies at Hudson Valley Community College.

Elsa Moberg Cox reports that one granddaughter is attending California Polytechnic Institute; another granddaughter, who graduated from UCLA, is attending Pepperdine University Law School. Her grandson will be a freshman at Arizona State University. Elsa maintains her strength by attending exercise classes regularly, Monday through Thursday.

Jerry Dunn and wife Shirley celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in June; they met at NYSCT and were married one week after Shirley’s graduation. They attended several of their grandchildren’s high-school and college graduation ceremonies this past spring. Their grandchildren attend various universities, including Clark University, Cornell, the University of Virginia, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY (IT) Utica, Eckerd (Florida), and George Mason University. As they see how costly their grandchildren’s education is, Jerry and Shirley continue to be thankful they attended college in a different era and graduated with no debt. Jerry has served as secretary/treasurer of a golf group for several years, but plays golf less often. Instead, he has taken an interest in gardening and has a spot in a nearby community garden. Shirley continues to write books; her latest is on the history of Fort Crailo, a state historic site in Rensselaer. She has written a half-dozen others and is a recognized scholar on the Mohican Indians.

Three of Ellen Fay Harmon’s grandchildren graduated this past spring, including a grandson who received a master’s degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University and will work as a sous chef at the Sagamore in Lake George. A granddaughter received her bachelor’s degree from Clarkson University, and Ellen’s youngest grandson will attend George Mason University in the fall. Ellen’s other grandchildren and family members are doing great things, as well. One granddaughter will travel to South Africa as an instructor in the student-exchange program, and another grandson will be transferring from Syracuse University to Clarkson. Ellen’s two oldest grandsons are Virginia Commonwealth University graduates who live and work in Richmond, Va.

Two of Bob Kittredge’s granddaughters were recently married; Bob and Diana now have two great-grandchildren as a result of one of the marriages. Unfortunately, Diana fell and broke her left femur, necessitating a complete hip replacement. She underwent rehab at the continuing-care facility where Bob and Diana recently moved.

“Mickey” Seaman Rozwod plans to attend her high school’s 70th reunion. All six of her children, with their spouses and grandchildren, visited Mickey for Memorial Day weekend. Two of her boys live on the West Coast. One granddaughter graduated from the physician’s-assistant program at Clarkson University, and another received her degree from the University at Buffalo. Mickey says, “That makes six grandkids through undergrad school, with four more to go.”

Ursula Neuhaus Schiff was “promoted” to the assisted-living facility in Sarasota, Fla., in the retirement community in which her late husband and late dog had lived. Classes provided by outside teachers keep Ursula’s mind challenged, she says. Her two sons and all five of her grandchildren live in California.

Gloria Maistelman Herkowitz is very proud to report that one grandson graduated from Jefferson Medical College and will be specializing in radiology, and another grandson is a student at Columbia Law School.

Joe Zanchelli and Joyce Zanchelli ’52 celebrated their 64 years of marriage in June. They recently enjoyed a Road Scholar program in St. Augustine, Fla., and attended their granddaughter’s high-school graduation. Nicole, the youngest of eight grandchildren, will be attending Drexel University.

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