Vincent Schaefer, left, and Bernard Vonnegut, third from right, were among a group of Yellowstone Field Research Expedition participants in 1961. Behind the researchers is the Bombardier Snowcat that carried them into Yellowstone for that first expedition, which was originated and led by Schaefer

Social-Media Mavens

University at Albany alumni who work in corporate administration, public relations, advertising and marketing take to social media to spread the word about their companies, engage consumers and inspire brand loyalty.

David KahanDavid Kahan, B.S.’82 A Foothold on Customer Loyalty
“This is a company with heart and passion. Our mission is not just to sell footwear, but to sell footwear that brings people happiness and satisfaction.” Read more.

Michele Husak, B.A.'90 Connecting and Conversing
“I always loved trying to figure people out on a deeper level,” recalls the movie and TV lover, who relocated to Los Angeles two weeks after graduation to work in the entertainment industry. Read more.

Patrick Albano, B.A.'98 Tracking Trends in Social Media
As vice president, head of Advertising Solutions for Yahoo! in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Albano says one of the most influential teachers he had at UAlbany was Professor of English Jeff Berman. Read more.

Ron Wechsler, B.A.’92 The Significance of Social-Media Platforms
“The world is your focus group. Pay attention; figure out what people are talking about,” he noted. “You have access to what they’re enjoying, or not enjoying, in a real timeline. That is an incredible tool.” Read more.

Andrew PudalovAndrew Pudalov, B.S.’88 Social-Media Rush
“Things have changed,” he observed. “Today, 14- and 16-year-olds, rather than 50- and 60-year-olds, are dictating where they see social media going.” Read more.

Norman SnyderNorman E. Snyder, Jr., B.S.’83 Connecting With Consumers
Like so many other companies, Avitae wants “to interact directly with consumers,” Snyder says. “All of our advertising is built on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinster.” Read more.

Tech Armor logoEric Tong, B.A.’91 Word-of-Mouth Success
Following what he termed “a mid-life crisis” after nearly two decades in the consumer electronics industry, Tong decided to strike out on his own ... and co-founded Tech Armor in June of 2012. Read more.

iHeart Radio logoAdam Denenberg, B.S.’98 Tuned In
As chief technology officer of the iHeartRadio network, music fan and computer-science wiz Adam Denenberg has a job well suited to his passions.  Read more.

Rob StoneRob Stone, B.S.’90 The Power of Music
“It’s no longer effective to talk at your audience,” explained Rob Stone. “You have to become part of the conversation – part of the culture.” Read more.

Rachel GalattRachel Galatt, B.A.’94 Filling a Niche for Expectant Moms
When Rachel Galatt launched Maternal Science, Inc., and the healthy mama® brand in 2013, her business plan called for the company’s product line to be on shelves in Target, Walmart and CVS by 2016. Read more.

Buzz Feed LogoStephen Loguidice, B.A.’02 Leading the Buzz
“We were the ones saying that everybody needs to start thinking differently, because consumption habits have changed drastically: Social [media] is the new starting point, and companies need to be looking this way.” Read more.

Teru KuwayamaTeru Kuwayama, B.A.’93 A Photographer’s Perspective
“I provide a photographer’s perspective for a platform that has hundreds of millions of people making and sharing photographs.” Read more.

Jennifer LevineJennifer Levine, B.A.’93 Sharing The Fun
“I’m very grateful ... I really fell into this,” said Levine. “Every day, I can leave work and walk out with a smile on my face.” Read more.

Keith GarberKeith Garber, B.S.’97 “Lightbulb Moment”
“Babyganics is fortunate to have some of the best online talent working within our business-development and marketing departments and at our agency partners." Read more.