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Last Look

By Christine A. Doyle, M.B.A.’04

Congratulations, Class of 2015!

Photos: Island Photography and Mark Schmidt

UAlbany’s Spring Commencement 2015 ceremonies, held May 16 and 17 in venues across all three campuses, celebrated the successes of more than 3,200 graduates.


  1. Graduate Ceremony speaker Penelope Andrews, former president of Albany Law School and incoming dean of the faculty of law at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, poses with UAlbany President Robert J. Jones prior to the ceremony.
  2. Honorary-degree recipient Barbara Smith inspired graduates not only with her words, but with her demonstrated passion for social justice. A public-service professor in UAlbany’s School of Social Welfare, Smith has received numerous awards for her work, including a nomination for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. At the undergraduate ceremony, student speaker Peter Hooley ’15 – SUNY Chancellor’s Award recipient and nationally recognized hero of March Madness – received a standing ovation after his address, which he closed with a slightly modified refrain that his mum constantly reinforced before her passing this last winter: “Keep Flying, Class of 2015!”
  4. Rosanna Garcia ’13, ’15, poses with her mother after receiving her M.S.W. at the graduate ceremony. The Office of University Events staff extend their deepest thanks for the six years of assistance she provided for their signature events, and salute her incredible achievements. We miss you so much, Rosanna! 

In the graduate class of 1,167 students:

  • Multinational class members from 30 countries, including China, Kenya, Pakistan, Malaysia, Peru, Korea, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Russia and Barbados, earned advanced degrees.
  • Women accounted for 57 percent of the graduates.
  • The average age of class members was 29, with the oldest born in 1938 and the youngest, in 1993.
  • The class included 10 military veterans.

In the undergraduate class of 2,170:

  • Students earned undergraduate degrees in 56 majors.
  • Degree recipients hailed from 17 countries, including China, Egypt, Great Britain, Ghana, Morocco, Thailand, Germany and Australia.
  • The average age was 23; the oldest classmate was born in 1952, and the youngest, in 1995.
  • At 52 percent, women represented the class majority.
  • The class included 12 military veterans.