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Ludima Gus Burton

Ludima Gus Burton, B.A.'46
At age 92, Ludima Gus Burton has just published her eighth novel. Read more about UAlbany's Authors & Editors.


A note from your class councilor: The following classmates replied to me when they first received news of a possible reunion of all of the classes of the 1940s: Marjorie Lotz Backlund, Isabel Cooper Baker, Gertrude Coslick Brown, Wilma Diehl, Samuel Dickieson, Sheila Van Scoy Dingley, Ruth Seelbach Elmore, Lucille St. Priest Horton, Annalee Levine Ginsberg, Dolores Shindelman Grossman, Ruth Hurr, Beverly Free McCarthy, Clare Creeden McCracken, Wanda Tomasik Methe, Doris Wester Miga, Jane O’Brien O’Brien, George Poulos, Viola Eileen/Abrams Petterson, Donald Sayles, Helen Kisiel Schick, Selene Wolf Sheriff, Joan Sittner Sherwood, Vera Chudiak Smith, Janice Todt, Phyllis Yerdon Van Alstine, and Eloise Butler Worth. They shared memories that may be interesting to all of us: Ockies; The Boulevard Cafeteria; dancing and playing bridge in the commons; the scarcity of men until the G.I. Bill kicked in; the blizzard of ’47; 7- 8-foot-high snowbanks; the girls’ basketball team (“The Whiz Kids”); inter-class rivalry; Moving Up Day, when it snowed in May and we were dressed in white dresses and white shoes; meeting wonderful friends; turning in our “ration books” to the dorms (1944); the cloud of smoke that hung over the commons; all of the servicemen on the trains between NYC and Albany; my first rum and coke (ugh); practice teaching at Milne; a great education at a college that was serious about offering a solid liberal arts education; and wonderful, dedicated professors. Mardell Brusie Coombs is confined to a nursing home in Florida. She would appreciate cards and news sent to her in care of her daughter, Mada Knight, 13201 Lauderdale Rd., Hudson, FL 34667.

Class councilor: Eleanor Holbig Alland, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: It is with a great deal of sadness that I report the passing of our classmates Wilma Whitney Saunders on March 14, 2012; Arlene Golden Noonan on May 22, 2012; and Dr. Helen Habermann on June 5, 2012. There have been two changes of address: Annette Gardiner DeLyser’s new address is Emerald Crossings,7220 Muirfield Drive, Apt. 220, Dublin, OH 43017, and Bonnie Totten Adkins’ new address is 17 Overlook Drive, Middlebury, VT 05753. Bonnie and her husband, Lee, plan to tour England in October; they will also be meeting friends there. They also plan to visit family in Germany. Elsa Moberg Cox was selected a voting representative at the National Presbyterian Church conference held in Orlando, Fla. Bob Kittredge and wife Diana were signed up for a Viking river cruise tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg in August and an add-on trip to Helsinki. Larry Appleby went on a trip to the State of Washington that included a journey along the Columbia River. Bob Kloepfel, Russ Bailey, Jack Kirby and Nolan Powell, college chums, had a mini-reunion early in June. Jack came up all the way from Florida. Jerry Reisner reports with a great deal of pride that all four of his grandchildren have graduated from college. Richard Foster reports from Sarasota, Fla., that he keeps busy playing bridge, piano and trivia; singing; speaking Spanish every day; and going on cruises. Richard now has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Abe Trop has signed up for a Road Scholar program in September for rebuilding the Virginia City, Mont., historical museum. Abe says this is the sixth Road Scholar program he has participated in.

Horty Zeingold Schmierer went as a delegate to the national convention of the League of Women Voters in Washington, D.C., in June. In the spring, she also attended the graduation of her youngest granddaughter from SUNY Binghamton. Robertson Baker has an excellent reason to toot his own horn. He proudly reports that three of his grandchildren each received the music grade Level 6 rating – the highest difficulty level – by the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA). One grandchild plays trombone, one plays tuba and one plays trumpet. Dolores Stocker Eklund says she’s been bitten by the cruise bug and took a cruise to the New England islands (Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.). Leslie Hervey O’Heir enjoyed immensely a trip to Ireland. She’s looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to our class’s 65th reunion in 2014. Atta girl, Leslie! Freddy Laemmerzahl Miller lucked out in April, when the tornadoes went south and west of Stillwater, Okla. From her residence, she was able to view the damage to the city of Woodward.

Don Dickinson continues to work as the librarian at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Ariz. His granddaughter, Emily, graduated from high school in June and plans to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst for the fall semester. Anna Olin Bucher taught Latin for 22 years before retiring. She said that both Dr. Goggin and Dr. Wallace were excellent professors and gave her a great background for teaching Latin. Anna, who lives in Richmond, Va., has been married for 59 years to Quentin Bucher (Brockport Phys Ed). She has one daughter who is an RN and two granddaughters. One granddaughter is a nurse practitioner; the other, who graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Mary Washington, is continuing there for a graduate degree in education. In the spring, Anne Sulich Raser took a two-hour tour of the Satellite Division of Boeing Company in El Segundo, Calif. After 14 years, Boeing had an open house for families of its employees, and since Anne’s youngest son is an employee, she had the pleasure of going on the tour. She was happy to hear that Boeing will remain in El Segundo because no other city can duplicate its unique buildings and facilities.

Ellen Fay Harmon has had a special year. She celebrated her 85th birthday in July, and her family celebrated Ellen and Tom’s 60th wedding anniversary in August. In addition, they are in their 20th year of reading for the print disabled on closed-circuit radio (RISE) at their local PBS station. Ellen and Tom have been reading magazines, books and newspapers on a weekly basis since she retired from Albany High School in 1992. Joan Rourke McClelland continues to work on a Sedona, Ariz., citizens’ committee to have the Coconino Forest lands declared a National Scenic area. She also is involved with the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission, an area which she finds very interesting. Robert Kaiser and Mary Anne were looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to the wedding in July of their eldest grandson in Madison, Wis. Joe Zanchelli and Joyce had much to enjoy in the first six months of the year: one grandson graduating from the University of Virginia, one grandson graduating from high school and a daughter-in-law receiving her master’s degree in school nurse education from Seton Hall University. Joe keeps busy with volunteer work once a week at the Yaddo Rose Garden; he’s also an ambassador for the Saratoga Arts Fest and a food packer for the Saratoga Economic Commission’s food-delivery program for the rural poor. Joe’s favorite volunteer activity is being class councilor. It keeps him in touch with so many of his wonderful classmates. He thanks you all for all your help.

Class notes councilor: Joe Zanchelli, [email protected]

Dr. Kamiar Alaei at Fourth Annual Celebration of Vital Volunteers Luncheon Alumni at the Vital Volunteers Luncheon
More than 120 alumni and guests enjoyed the Fourth Annual Celebration of Vital Volunteers Luncheon April 28. Dr. Kamiar Alaei, left, a doctoral student at the School of Public Health, discussed his work in establishing health clinics and developing a major health proposal for the control of HIV/AIDS in Iran.



A note from your class councilor: As you will note below, several class members made meaningful reference to the passing of our classmate, longtime class counselor and organizer of class reunions Edie Minch Noeltner. Edie represented much of the best we seek in each of us; solid, dependable, always there, unassuming, she was a good person who contributed much to our class, our college and her community. She was proud to be a farmer’s daughter and a farmer’s wife, but was much more. We will always be in her debt.

After serving on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific until May 1946, Irwin Baumel enrolled at NYSCT; he graduated cum laude and was honored with membership in Signum Laudis. In 1960, he and Nan Mechanic were married, and he began working on his master’s at State. His first job, as a chemist, was with the Navy at Annapolis and then at the Picatinny Arsenal. During those years they had two daughters, Cheryl and Robin. A career change took them to Whittier, Calif., and a partnership in an electrical contracting company specializing in wiring tract houses right in time for the housing boom. Irwin bought a 40-acre parcel of land in San Diego County; cleared it; installed grove roads and an irrigation system; and planted 3,300 Hass avocado trees. In 1990, when labor problems took the fun out of farming, he sold the grove and concentrated on building, in Norwalk, Calif., six concrete tilt-up industrial buildings which he still owns and which are now managed by his older daughter, a C.P.A. Irwin and Nan traveled extensively in Western Europe until her death in 1990. He also had a rewarding hobby raising orchids. In the fall of 2010, he invited classmate Elise deSeve Brown to travel with him to Chile and Argentina; the trip sparked a long-term relationship. They traveled to Italy and bumped into Sparky Vaughn in Florence. They have also seen him in Washington, D.C., where Elise lives. They just returned from three weeks in Spain and will spend the summer in Whittier, where Irwin lives.

After her husband, Lyle Walsh, died in 1994, Jeanne Bowen Walsh continued square dancing; kept the Oxford Senior Citizens Center (N.Y.) going; and spoiled her nine grandchildren, whenever allowed. Her joy was driving her camping van to the Adirondacks to see Lila Lee Harrington. They took many trips to New England, New Brunswick and even to Nova Scotia. After 2000, Jeanne married her square dance partner and moved eight miles to Norwich, N.Y. Their home is large and the grounds are beautiful, “So stop in.” Her growing family is scattered. They converged at a bed and breakfast in Cooperstown for the Christmas Celebration. No great-grandchildren – yet. Sarah Caruso Frasca, sad to say, is a permanent resident/patient in the Westlake Hills SUMMIT, a senior-living residence in Austin, Texas. Her husband, Bob Frasca, also a classmate, sold their home of 30 years and took an apartment in the same building to be near her and to avoid the notorious Austin traffic. Prior to her retirement, Sarah had a successful, happy teaching career in Austin and elsewhere. Bob wrote that IBM “managed to put up with me” until he retired in 1990. Sarah and Bob traveled extensively, becoming real world travelers. Two daughters, Susan and Mary Ellen, live in Austin; a third, Kathy, lives in Phoenix, Ariz., with her husband, Russ. Kathy visits them quarterly, staying a week or so.

Ken George had the honor of serving as grand marshal for the Voorheesville Memorial day parade. Audrey Hartman White wrote that she and her husband, Bill, have slowed down considerably in the last six months. Bill’s illness has progressed to leukemia; treatment consists of 16 days a month at the James Ohio State University Hospital, about 13 miles away. He is not in pain but has little energy. Audrey had an arthroscopy on her right knee and is getting better. This past August they flew to Salt Lake City for their granddaughter Autumn’s wedding. Autumn is a resident at a Columbus hospital; in December, she will be a hospitalist at a hospital north of where Audrey and Bill live. They see her as often as her schedule allows. Their other grandchildren are from Orlando, where their son works in advertising for Disney. Kelsey is at the University of Central Florida; Sean at the University of Northern Florida. Glen is in high school. Audrey and Bill used to visit annually, stopping during their return to see Elly Rapacz (Adams). Now they keep in touch by telephone.

Ben and Gloria Jackson are proud of their three grandchildren: Alicia recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Jenna is a junior at Kenyon College, and Alexander is a sophomore at the University of Maryland. They are equally proud of their fourth grandchild, Lewis III, who will be a high school junior in New Albany, Ohio. Ben’s essay “For the Love of Science” appeared in the winter issue of Rensselaer, RPI’s alumni magazine. Audrey Koch Feathers and the Feathers family have established a memorial garden on their property on Jenny Lake in memory of Richard (Dick) Feathers, also a 1950 classmate and our freshman class president. Jenny Lake is in the Glens Falls, N.Y., area, near the village of Corinth, close enough to Queensbury, where Audrey now lives, to permit extensive visits and family outings, especially on holidays, when Audrey “cooks up a storm.” She also shares her home cooking with two families to provide an occasional alternative to “meals on wheels,” on which they are otherwise dependent.

Lila Lee Harrington moved into the Prestwick Chase independent living facility in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and was quite ill. She is happy to be able to report that, following numerous hospitalizations and tests, a diagnosis led to a cure, and she is now in robust health. Lila’s environment offers a myriad of opportunities, and she takes full advantage of them: an in-house newspaper; a book chat club; a poetry club; interaction with Skidmore College students; the Ladies Breakfast Club; aerobics; and a shuttle bus to events at Skidmore College, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Proctor’s Theater in Albany, and other theaters in the area. In her spare time, she collects stamps, handwrites notes for family and friends, and enjoys taking close-up photographs. Lila keeps in contact with Maggie Hosking Winne, Audrey Koch Feathers and Jeanne Bowen Walsh. She laments the recent passing of her close friend and classmate, Ruth Bauch Holman. Maggie and Ruth were Lila’s roommates at Phi Delta on Western Avenue.

Marjory Lyons directed a performance of Murder in the Cathedral, the powerful historical drama by T.S. Elliot. It was presented as a staged reading at All Saints Episcopal Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Delray Beach. Marjory, a longtime actress, speaker and director, performed recently at the Broward Library Theater in Fort Lauderdale and the Willow Theater in Boca Raton. Playwrights bring their short plays to the Playwrights and Drama Group; the actors read them cold, followed by a round-robin critique. At NYSCT, Marjory studied with the great Agnes Futterer, along with Hal Gould. “Miss Futt inspired all of us; I use her techniques and methods every time I perform.” Al and Ruth Matteson Holliday spent the summer at their camp at Great Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks, entertaining family and friends. They took a cruise in Alaska with several family members in the latter part of July and, as usual, headed back to Florida at the end of September. They hope everyone is enjoying their retirement years as much as they have.

Rhoda Riber Mones and her husband, Mel, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary June 10. The happy occasion took place at their yacht club near their home in San Diego. At the time of forwarding information about the upcoming event, they planned to share their joy with about 60 family members and friends, including classmate Renee Harris Barger. Rhoda was among those who lamented the passing of former class counselor Edie Minch Noeltner; “She was such a vital, active member of the class.” This past winter Joan Peterson Engelbosch took a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth, from New York through the Panama Canal, along the West Coast to Pago Pago, American Samoa, Hawaii, and then on to New Zealand and Australia. Before she left, Joan received the sad news that classmate Joan Erlandson Field Viele had passed away in the fall.

After graduation, Joan Peterson and Joan Erlandson both went to teach in Roscoe, N.Y., and shared an apartment there. Earline (Ken) Thompson Sorensen wrote that her recent college memories have largely centered on her dear friend Edie Minch Noeltner, who died last year. At our 50th class reunion, Edie, our class councilor for many years, received the Distinguished Alumni Award for her remarkable record of community service. This recognition by SUNY was very meaningful to Edie. Ken’s four children are healthy and gainfully employed. Her five grandchildren are her constant pride and delight. Ken continues to spend her “extra pennies” on travel and, at of this writing, was planning her next adventure, a tour of the four Scandinavian countries. When not traveling, Earline does tai chi at the Y; walks an hour or more every day; plays golf; and, every so often, meets over lunch with classmates Florence Blasco Foster and Alice Casey Reynolds, both of whom live in nearby Seneca. “If any of you are in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, do call; I’d love to see you and promise not to talk every minute about the grandkids.” Harold (Sparky) Vaughn’s oldest daughter, Karen, spent most of April in what has become the family apartment in Florence, Italy, providing an opportunity for an in-depth visit to the city that played a central role in the Italian Renaissance. Her daughter, Christine, joined her for a week. Christine spent a year in Florence studying architecture. Sparky plans to spend a month in Florence early in the fall. The eighth great-grandchild and second great-granddaughter was born in May.

Class notes councilor: Audrey Koch Feathers, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Don Putterman is still actively engaged in the work of the Benevolent Association at UAlbany. This is his ninth year of involvement with that worthy association. Don’s oldest daughter, Melissa, and her daughter, Jillian, will be in the summer production of Oliver! in Clifton Park. Theater must run in that family, as Melissa’s husband, Gary, and son, Matthew, both appeared in the Schenectady Light Opera Company production of Hairspray. Mary Borys Coro writes that she and husband Don have been traveling as much as possible in their motor home, attending weddings, graduations and births of great-grandchildren. They have seven, with another due in September. Two granddaughters will be off to college this fall, one to the University of Iowa and one to the University of Texas at Austin. She and Don have been on two cruises in the past 14 months, one to the Panama Canal, the other a Circle Hawaii cruise. Though Mary is unable to attend our 60th reunion, she sends her best to those who remember her – as though we could ever forget her!

Saks Fifth Avenue event for alumni

UAlbany alumni in fashion gather at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City to hear from colleagues in the industry.

Vickie Eade Eddy’s big news concerns her son Chris, who, on Feb. 17, 2012, was promoted to the rank of one-star general in the Air Force Reserves. He was honored as “special guest” in the Memorial Day parade in Olean, N.Y., his hometown. He and his family now make their home in Weston, Fla., where he and his wife work for the FBI. Vickie’s daughter, Pam, who teaches doctoral students at William and Mary College, will receive recognition on the Academic Wall of Fame at Olean High School. Vickie continues to spend part of the year in her hometown of Olean and the rest of the year in Yuma, Ariz. Tom Holman, who is looking forward to our reunion, continues to enjoy his time in St. Maarten’s every winter. He says the people down there have become his “extended family,” and it sounds as though the hotel where he stays is his “home away from home.” Helen Pilcher Terrill is looking forward to her first trip abroad when she leaves May 26 for Israel. She will be going with her son, Ed, and his wife, Carol, plus their daughter Helen and Helen’s cousin. Helen is also looking forward to our September reunion.

Helene Patlen Gordon and husband Ed have moved to Albany after spending 12 years in Watertown, N.Y. They are very happy to be back in this area and may shorten their usual Sarasota, Fla., stay in order to spend more time in their new home. Joan Bennet Kelly writes that her eldest granddaughter has landed the role of Ophelia in a Central Park production of Hamlet. She also had two bit parts in “Broadway Empire” on HBO last winter. Their freshman granddaughter at Springfield College had some playing time on the lacrosse team, which won its league. Joannie and Charlie are hoping to host some of our classmates who will be in the area for our 60th reunion. Sounds like a great time! Jean Faville Smith and Smitty are also planning to attend our reunion, and Jean is spreading the word that this is the reunion to attend. She and Smitty celebrated their 60th anniversary in June and went on a cruise from Rotterdam to Copenhagen up the coast of Norway, with several stops in Scotland.

Jeanne Hayes Coyne had lunch with Esse Jungling Portz and Sally McCain Horne in Florida in February and reports that “both are fine and enjoying busy lives as I am, too.” She said family keeps her busy traveling to graduations and weddings of the younger generation. Bert Jablon is still working for Empire College and foot racing every weekend somewhere on Long Island. He played the Senior Games in May, golf and short sprints. (He sure knows how to stay in shape!) Bert and his wife just enjoyed a five-day vacation at Montauk, the easternmost end of Long Island. Dave Manly is still serving as a “pulpit supply” in area churches. He and wife Jean winter in Hilton Head, where they volunteer at a thrift shop that contributed $370,000 in grants to needy organizations of Beaufort County. At least once a year they take a Road Scholar program; the latest was “Culinary Delights of Low Country Cuisine.” Dave’s hoping to soon know what medical treatment will be needed to allow him to put away, at least temporarily, the walker/seat he found so handy in his last travels.

Eleanor Rosenbaum Roth reports that her novel Rainbow Dust is now on Barnes and Noble’s Nook and she is now working on another novel. She said that when she starts a novel, the topic is contemporary, but by the time she finishes, it’s historical. Her family news is that her youngest grandchild, Rebecca Rose, has been accepted at Brown, where Rebecca’s brother is already a student. Jeanne Seymour Earle reports that she is still subbing in the local schools and working at the library. Her big news is that her son is being married in September, and she’s looking forward to the wedding with much anticipation. Joyce Leavitt Zanchelli and husband Joe just returned from attending graduation exercises for their grandson at the historic University of Virginia. They are looking forward to a Road Scholar program in October, and, of course, the 60th reunion of the Class of ’52 in September. Joyce is enjoying her volunteer work as a docent at Yaddo, the famous artists’ retreat in Saratoga, N.Y. She also has enjoyed taking classes through the Academy for Lifelong Learning and volunteering for Arts Fest, a weekend featuring the arts.

Maureen Davis Mullin informs us she has seven grandchildren ranging in age from 4 (twin boys) to 17. All three sons live nearby, which is a joy. One of her sons, Chris, a teacher at the high school and the University of California at Santa Barbara, was voted California teacher of the year. This past year, Maureen supervised teachers getting credentials at UCSB and did some tutoring. She would like to continue teaching, so she is looking for some part-time work. Every summer, her whole family goes to Yosemite to do some spectacular hiking. Sounds like fun. Maureen is also planning a visit to Berlin to visit some dear friends. She concludes by saying, “I am always pleased when someone asks me where I received my degrees.” Maureen loved NYSCT. Kitty Kloser Irons continues to lead an active life, traveling, going to the theater, quilting and keeping up with grandchildren. She had a special treat on one of her monthly trips to see a Broadway show: The grandson of one of her friends made arrangements for them to meet Angela Lansbury, “a great and gracious lady.” Early in May, Kitty and Marty attended the wedding of Kitty’s nephew. All of her siblings were there, which was fun, and she expects many relatives to be present at a family reunion in Montana. This will be followed by a trip to Oregon to see their younger son. In the middle of May, her quilt guild held a show, which kept Kitty busy feeding the judges. She concludes by saying she is attending the Class of ’52 reunion in September. Hooray!!

Elsie Freeman Finch resides in both Baltimore and Ithaca, N.Y. She states, “I’ll continue my work as a good Democrat for the upcoming election, maintain my status as Veggie Queen at a local soup kitchen and enjoy friends, acquaintances and the pleasures of the Finger Lakes in summer and fall.” Grandson Jesse Freeman finished his freshman year at Williams College with A’s and A-pluses and is doing an internship at the National Archives, where his grandmother spent more than 20 years managing public education programs. Al Stevenson writes that he is the lead author of the fourth edition of a college text on media performance. He is also editing the video shot last year when he interviewed broadcasters on techniques. The video will be on a Web site accompanying the text. Al will be returning to the college to teach another year and says he is planning to attend our reunion in September.

Marilyn Johnson VanDyke, our class president, is helping the Town of Queensbury celebrate its sestercentennial (250 years, 1762-2012). She delivered an address on the history of Queensbury at the Foundation Day event and she helped lead an August open house at the Town Hall. Marilyn also is celebrating with her grandson, Alex Aust, who received his master’s degree from the College of Saint Rose, and with her granddaughter, who will graduate from Shenendehowa High School in June and head for Washington for her internship in Senator Gillibrand’s office this summer. She will begin her studies at SUNY Oneonta in the fall. Margaret (Meg) Gemmett Delea reports that she and her husband still reside in West Islip, Long Island. She belongs to Friends of the Library and her retired teacher’s organization, both of which sponsor trips to New York City and other places in the United States several times a year. She also attends the seniors’ exercise class held in the library. Meg showed two of her photographs at an art show in which close to 40 seniors participated. This is one of three art shows in which she has shown her work. Meg and her husband were looking forward to summer visits from their children and one grandson.

Class notes councilor: Joyce Zanchelli, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Marie Jersen celebrated the marriage of her daughter, who is now living in New York. They made the trip north to the wedding by auto and happened to be in the Sidney area when the Susquehanna River and all other area rivers flooded the area once again. Marie said it was quite a different feeling to be in the middle of it, rather than just to be reading about the flood and the resulting damage. Her youngest granddaughter, Joanna (the other teacher in the family), became engaged, and the wedding was in Las Vegas in August 2012. Marie’s oldest granddaughter (senior software design engineer at Microsoft) and her husband brought a great-grandson, Aidan John, into the family in March 2012. Marie and John are doing okay but slowing down considerably. Phyl Weaver just got back from a month in Bhutan and India. The Buddhist and Hindu religions were interesting, with a lot to offer.

Henry Berleth is “living in the 4G age,” still enjoying golf, gardening and watching grandchildren graduate college – as he approaches 80. Ken Schoonmaker spent 10 days or so touring Costa Rica, which he found wonderful for its flora and fauna. He is looking for compatible roommates to go on further trips worldwide (to cut out single supplements). You can email him at [email protected] or phone (845) 565-3638. Diane Ozkum Langeveld spends most of her time painting fine arts. Stefanie Manning continues on with lots of volunteering and a bit of travel. She attends Story & Music Time at a day care two mornings a week; spends time with hospice patients for sessions of “Soothing Touch”; and reviews books for the School Library Journal (science books, mostly, with a splash of history from time to time!). She has traveled to New Haven, Conn., and New York City to see her wonderful ’grands’ and the ballet. She also went to the beach in North Carikuba and then to Venice in late October, followed by a month in Rome. Stefanie is grateful and loves her unexpectedly rich and varied life.

Naoshi Koriyama is well and keeping busy, enjoying writing and translating poetry. Gloria (Migliore) Falzarano and her husband enjoy winters at their home in Ormond Beach, Fla., where she is involved in some theater activities. While back in Frankfort, N.Y., for the summer, she worked on photo albums for each of their two children and also researched their family tree. Arline and George Wood are keeping busy. George completed another successful as a tax volunteer with AARP, and Arline still volunteers as an instructor for AARP Driver Safety. She is also a trainer for new instructors in the program in her region. They have four grandchildren ages 4 to 6, and two older ones, 18 and 20. They feel blessed to have all the grandchildren nearby. Margaret Jacobson reports her grandson, Kyle Emich, has received his Ph.D. from Cornell and will be heading for New York City for a position as assistant professor in occupational behavior at Fordham University in September. He got married this past June 15 to Li Lu, a student in the Ph.D. program at the University of Los Angeles. Li’s mom made her first visit to America for the wedding from her home in China.

Myra and Stu Macnofsky celebrated their anniversary with a Caribbean cruise in January. Captain Stu, USN (ret.), says these co-ed cruises are more fun than those previously taken on active duty. Jim Thompson and Carol enjoyed a two-week cruise to Hawaii in April 2012. “On the way” they visited Jim’s granddaughter, Carissa Thompson-Snow. Next, their busy schedule took them to the Gettysburg College graduation for granddaughter Kristen Thompson. They celebrated Rose Mary Bradt Zongrone’s 80th birthday with former classmates Bill Floyd, Jim Bennett, Pete McManus, Buzzy Weiner Neumetzger, Barb Law Usborne, Bunny Gunsberg Shoobe, John Zongrone and most of their lovely family. They followed this up with two celebrations of Jim’s 80th, one with family in August and one with Albany-area friends in September. They rested between events at the travel trailer home for the summer at Tupper Lake, N.Y. Mimi Webb was in Vienna, visiting her son and family. Her grandkids are 10 and almost 12, learning German in an international school. Her son is a press officer at the International Atomic Energy Agency – lots of interesting stuff with ongoing issues with Iran and Japan.

John Centra shares that life is fairly sedate since Nancy had her stroke a year or two ago. Thankfully, they traveled a great deal over the years – all over the country and the world, in fact – so they have many great memories. Of course, Albany State will always be a top memory. Art Stone and wife Nancy are working hard, making costumes for dance schools and running dance competitions and conventions all over the United States, with national finals every year in the summer in either Orlando or Chicago. They travel extensively for business, and once in a while for pleasure. Shirley Dillon returned from Paris in May. She took a River Cruise for a week on the Avalon cruise line from Paris to Normandy. Shirley took her daughter, Marie, with her and was accompanied by a widower and two other widows. Malcolm Blum has returned to New York from San Francisco to live in Whitesboro, N.Y., for the time being.

Alumni Association Awards Gala

James Malatras '99, '00, '08 (second from right), recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award, chats with UAlbany President George Philip '69, '73 (left) and other guests at the Excellence Awards Gala April 28.

Barb Cumber Edwards and her husband enjoy their retirement community, conveniently located above a K-8 building where she is able to do volunteer work as a mentor. They enjoy visits from their daughter, Anne, who travels from Liverpool and has hilarious stories every day to share. Rich, their eldest son, has been a colonel in the Air Force for more than 20 years. Their son Mike and his family are in D.C., and Mike enjoys time with his two dancing daughters. James, his wife and son are in Hunstville, Ala., with Qualitest. Daughter Sarah is currently in North Carolina and has plans to come back north. Their eight grandchildren are perfect. Ashlie married last Labor Day; their youngest is 5 and ready for kindergarten, and he knows all his planets and continents! Barb loves being a grandmother and is still glad teaching was her profession. She gets together with Doris Emens Maginsky for lunch and Bridge. Doris still lives in Greene and often visits family, volunteers and plays golf. She is healthy and happy! Patricia Zylko Prindle is enjoying life in Guilderland and Peck’s Lake during her retirement from Adirondack Research Library as a volunteer and from teaching math.

Bonnie Brousseau is proud to share that her granddaughter will graduate in October from the Culinary Institute with a bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry, and one grandson graduated from Champlain Community College in June. Arnie Smith will be driving to Goose Bay, Labrador, to fish for brook trout and renew old acquaintances as he has been doing since 2004. Joan Hartman enjoyed a visit with Ellen Thomas Smith ’53 this spring. On the way back home to Hilton Head, S.C., she stopped off in Williamsburg, Va. John Cooper celebrated a spectacular 80th birthday arranged by his wife and daughter; his son and daughter-in-law, who live near Ithaca, were surprise guests. He would love to see any old friends from our class who might make it to Oregon, and he is happy to drive them around to see some of the spectacular scenery. He has signed up to volunteer as a writing tutor at a local community college and is waiting to be assigned to a student. June Barno is busy with family, grandchildren’s weddings, and her 16-year-old artist granddaughter’s show in New York. She and Bob celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in August.

Class notes councilor: Bernice Gunsberg Shoobe, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: Nancy Evans Bush’s 30-plus years of experience with near-death studies has brought her to the publication of her first book, Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences. Favorable early reviews have declared it an important contribution to the field. More information: During a three-month sojourn in Tuscany in the spring, Dee Montalbano made time to conduct a writing workshop for several British friends, as well as submit regular postings to her new blog,“Crossing Seventy: Moments in Outrageous Aging” ( Like many of Dee’s other efforts in recent years, the blog honors “women in the second half of life.” In February, Ed and Anne Franco boarded the Queen Elizabeth II in San Francisco for the start of a world cruise to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary. Three months later, they sailed aboard the Queen Mary II for the final leg from England. Too many experiences to recount here, Ed admits, but a few were the superb treatment on both ships, a “first-rate” Turandot at the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, the pleasures of a Tuscan hill town, and having George H.W. Bush and his family as fellow passengers on the QM II. The Francos’ family celebration of their anniversary was held on Mackinac Island in August.

Class councilor: John Orser, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor: We are finalizing plans for our 55th reunion which, this year, will be held in conjunction with the University’s Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 12-14. We’ll have a fine dinner Saturday night and brunch on OUR campus Sunday morning. The Alumni Association is sponsoring other Homecoming events; we should have a great weekend. Please plan to attend. Watch for the mailings for specific details and registration forms. Marilyn Stilwell Dakin writes that she and her husband will travel to Italy in the fall. Emil Polak is still working on Volume III of his Latin manuscript and will travel to London for some more research. Bob and Bev Haviland are eager to visit the campus and see longtime friends. Bob and Pat Reuss also write that they are looking forward to seeing their many Class of ’57 friends.

Class notes councilor: Ben Lindeman, [email protected]

Justin Sayles and Syracuse-area alumni at gathering

Justin Sayles '11 (right) joined other Syracuse-area alumni for an accepted student reception in Syracuse in March. He was one of 27 alumni who volunteered to share their experiences and enthusiasm for UAlbany at spring admissions receptions in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


Arlene Adel-Posses has relocated to River Walk, 2682 James River Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33411.


Peter Spina was appointed interim president of the four-campus, 46,000-student Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Va.


Johanna Prong owns a home-based travel agency, Johanna’s Journeys. She studied at Finger Lakes Community College and Champlain College in Burlington, Vt., taking courses to be a paralegal. She and her husband, Bob, live in Burlington, Vt., close to two of their sons, three granddaughters and one grandson. Their other son lives near Tampa, Fla.

Class councilor: J. Sheril McCormack, [email protected]


A note from your class councilor, Richard Kelly:It is with the deepest regret that I share the sad news of the passing of our class councilor, Joyce Williamson Gould Robinson. Joyce served our class for many years on the Alumni Council, and she worked tirelessly organizing and helping to host our class reunions, always with a smile and her wonderful sense of humor. We all extend our deepest sympathy to her family. It has been a great honor and privilege for me to serve as your class councilor for more than 40 years. However, I have decided now is the time to resign the position, and Peter Fisher has graciously and enthusiastically agreed to be our new councilor.

New class councilor: Peter Fisher, [email protected]


Elissa (Gold) Laster has been retired for 11 years from the Plainview Old Bethpage School District after teaching there for 35 glorious years. She and her husband love to travel, and especially scuba dive. Their favorite site was Palau in Micronesia two years ago.

Class councilor: Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, [email protected]

Larry Kagan's artwork

The Rev. Charles G. Ackerson, Ph.D., was been named honorary canon of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City, N.Y. Larry Kagan’s artwork was featured in an exhibition in New York City at the OK Harris gallery.


George Scheck retired from his position as acquisitions librarian at the Naval War College, Newport, R.I.


For his volunteer work and overall inspiration, Chester Bunnell was presented an MS Society Inspiration Award at the Gateway area chapter’s annual meeting/dinner in January. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, Chester is wheelchair bound and confined to a skilled nursing facility. He is on Facebook, and his e-mail is [email protected]. Joyce Laiosa holds the position of president, Youth Services Section, of the New York State Library Association (2011-2013).

Class councilor: Rick Corcione: [email protected]

Charlotte Biblow

Charlotte Biblow received the Long Island Business News’ “Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business” Award. The program recognizes Long Island’s top women professionals for business acumen, mentoring and community involvement. This was the third time Charlotte was honored, and she is now a member of the program’s Hall of Fame.

Sylvia Jenkins

Sylvia Jenkins was named president of Chicago’s Moraine Community College, a school of about 35,000 students. Named Master Teacher of the Year at Moraine Valley twice for incorporating technology into teaching and learning, Sylvia has also received the Innovator of the Year Award and the Vernon O. Crawley Leadership Award from the college.



Jerome “Jerry” Niles, the current dean emeritus of Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, has been named interim vice president for Outreach and International Affairs.


Patricia Kenney Dykeman recently earned a master of science in nursing with a concentration in education from East Carolina University and was named Outstanding MSN Graduate in the Education Program. She is currently an associate professor at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, N.C., teaching in the certified nursing assistant program.


Tomas Morales will be the new president at Cal State San Bernardino. Tomas has been an educator and administrative leader in higher education for more than 32 years. From 2001 to 2007, he served in various capacities at Cal Poly Pomona, including vice president for Student Affairs, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, professor of education, and principal deputy to the president.

Kevin Ferentz

Kevin Ferentz has joined Baltimore Medical System as chief medical officer. He will oversee the clinical operations of the organization’s six community health centers and eight school-based centers. A family physician for 26 years, Kevin most recently served as vice president of the University of Maryland Family Medicine Associates, associate professor and director of Clinical Operations for the university’s Department of Family Medicine, and chair of the Medical Executive Committee.


Susan Sprung has been appointed associate national executive director for the Producers Guild of America.

Joshua Bloom

Joshua Bloom has been elected vice chair of the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Environmental Law Section for 2012. Mara Jevera Fulmer, professor and program coordinator in graphic design at Mott Community College in Flint, Mich., was selected for a Fulbright Specialists project in Russia at the Yekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art during May 2012. Mara taught a short course on cultural journalism, addressing the intersection of art/design and social and political issues.


Yoke San Reynolds, vice president and chief financial officer of the University of Virginia, retired in May. Her work and programs are estimated to have saved the university up to $1 billion over a 30-year period. Barry Slifstein is now vice president of investor relations and planning for RPM International Inc. RPM, a holding company, owns subsidiaries that are world leaders in specialty coatings, sealants, building materials and related services, serving both industrial and consumer markets. Barry will oversee RPM’s investor-relations function while serving as the primary financial representative in the company’s planning process with its operating units.


Mark Schaming was appointed assistant commissioner and director of the New York State Museum by the New York State Board of Regents.

Patricia Salkin

Thomas Boyle was appointed vice president/corporate actuarial for W.R. Berkley Corporation in Greenwich, Conn. Patricia Salkin has been appointed dean of the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center. Patricia is a nationally known scholar and expert in land-use planning and government ethics. She previously served as associate dean and director of the Government Law Center of Albany Law School and as the Raymond & Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law.

Class councilor: Patty Salkin, [email protected]


Jil Mazer-Marino, an attorney with Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein P.C., spoke at a breakfast presentation sponsored by The Women in Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the Women in the Profession Committee at the New York City Bar. She was a panel speaker at the breakfast and examined issues of intellectual property and bankruptcy while discussing how businesses can protect their intangible assets before and during bankruptcy.

Howard Krooks

Howard Krooks of Elder Law Associates PA in Boca Raton, Fla., has been named president-elect of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys for 2012-13. Howard Miller, a partner in the law firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King in Garden City, N.Y., was recently listed in the national peer review “Best Lawyers In America” in the area of education law.



Stephen Boro has been named administrative director of Doctoral Programs at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. He oversees 165 students pursuing doctoral degrees in business administration and statistics.


Patrick McGrath has been appointed assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at Mohonasen Schools by the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake (N.Y.) Board of Education.


Ruth Baines is proud to share that the Baines-Woodruff Endowed Lectureship in Health Disparities through the College of Health Sciences at Alabama State University is now a reality. This is the college’s first endowed lectureship and will make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing pursuit of health equity for all. For more information, please contact the Office of Development at (334) 229-4431.

Recent grad at GOLD Bowling Night

Recent grads hit the lanes for the third annual GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Bowling Night.


Terri Eberle Katz has joined the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in Westchester County, N.Y., as the new director of Foundation Relations.


Charlotte Ghiorse’s The Modern Mother, which includes 42 drawings, three photos, two paintings and one video, was featured at the Museum of Motherhood in New York City in April.


Leslie Tayne is the managing director of the Law Offices of Leslie H. Tayne, P.C., which concentrates on debt resolution and bankruptcy avoidance. She was selected as one of Long Island Business News’ “Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business.” Mitch Blum has been named chief marketing officer of Blitz Media, recently ranked the eighth-largest advertising agency in Boston by the Boston Business Journal and the only media agency in the top 10. Blitz Media employs 50 people and has over $114 million in billings. Previously, as senior vice president, director strategy and planning at Marketing Drive, Mitch managed clients that included Procter & Gamble, Novartis, Welch’s, Pernod Ricard and more. He also held strategic senior marketing roles at Mullen and Arnold Worldwide. Noel Goldberg reports that, after obtaining his doctorate in Virginia, he began working with veterans at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. In 2001, he returned to Albany to do an internship at the Albany Consortium, which includes Albany Medical Center, the Veterans Administration Medical Center and Capital District Psychiatric Hospital. Noel also worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and is currently under contract at Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, working with our returning wounded warriors. He was married in February 2008 and welcomed son Ashlon in December 2010.


Sonia Nunez, assistant principal of Columbus Elementary in New Rochelle, N.Y., since 2005, will succeed outgoing principal Yigal Joseph.


Joshua Smith was named dean of the School of Education at Loyola University Maryland. Johnathan Moore, of counsel at Blank Rome LLP in Philadelphia, Pa., was recognized by The Legal Intelligencer as one of the “Top Lateral Hires of 2011” in Pennsylvania. Scott Kalicki has been appointed president of Lakes Region Community College by the Board of Trustees of the Community College System of New Hampshire. He served as interim president at the college since August 2011, during which time he led the planning of a new 30,000-square-foot facility that will house the college’s expanding allied health and technology programs. Completion of the facility is scheduled for late 2012. Scott also guided the college through challenging fiscal times and in the face of increasing demand for community college programs and services.


Margaret Murphy was promoted to partner by the national law firm Wilson Elser.


Richard Reiter

Richard Reiter was promoted to partner by the national law firm Wilson Elser.


Gracie Mercado has been promoted to director, Human Resources, at the YES Network. Gracie, who had been manager, will oversee all aspects of YES human resources functions, including employee relations, compensation and benefits, and recruitment.

Jesse Koepp

Jesse Koepp has been appointed senior client relationship manager at Fenimore Asset Management, the investment advisor to the Fenimore Private Client Group and FAM Funds, in Cobleskill, N.Y. He previously was a senior investment officer for Trustco Bank and an investment analyst with The Ayco Company.


Charles Woehr was appointed vice president and senior branch manager by HSBC Bank USA, National Association. He joined HSBC in 2011 as branch manager. In his new role, Charles will focus on retaining and expanding existing client partnerships while developing additional relationships among internationally focused businesses and individuals within the Hauppauge, N.Y., area.

Recent grad at Alumni Association GOLD tent at Commencement Picnic

New graduates played the Great Dane Toss, won prizes and learned about GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) at the Alumni Association's GOLD tent at the Commencement Picnic.


Christopher La Porta, senior client relationship manager and firm principal at Fenimore Asset Management, has earned the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) certification. He will continue to oversee equity and fixed income portfolios for individuals and institutional investors. Nadia Feeser was hired by the City of Pismo Beach, Calif., to serve as administrative services director. She will be responsible for all finance-related activities that support municipal operations in Pismo Beach. Nadia also will oversee the city’s information technology services and its risk-management program.


Robert “Robbie” Freeman won the 2011 Novice Nurse of the Year from employer Beth Israel Medical Center and the Novice Nurse of the Year/Nurse of Distinction Award from 1199/Service Employees International Union. Using the money he received from those awards, he created a “Nurse Net” app that Apple has now acquired. The free app, downloaded by more than 12,000 people, includes a News Reader that gathers medical news from the top nursing Web sites and media outlets, and an Abbreviation Assistant that decodes more than 10,000 medical abbreviations nurses are likely to encounter on medical charts.


Jacob Crawford

Jacob Crawford has been recognized by City & State as one of the “Rising Stars 40 Under 40.” Currently, he works as an assistant, Research and Educational Services for Higher Education, Education Finance and Federal Programs, with New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). Sarah Mesick, an advisor for the Excelsior College School of Health Sciences, has been named a 2012 recipient of the National Academic Advising Association’s Outstanding New Award, in the academic advising-primary role category. This year, she is one of only six nationwide to receive the award, which is presented to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding academic advising of students for a period of three or fewer years. She is the 17th Excelsior College academic advisor to receive the honor since 1991.


Iyanna Henry has been selected as a 2012-13 Albert Schweitzer Fellow. Each year, the program awards fellowships to a select group of undergraduate and graduate students who partner with community-based organizations to identify an unmet health need, design a service project with a demonstrable impact on that need, and implement that project – in addition to handling their usual academic responsibilities.

Recent grad at Alumni Association GOLD tent at Commencement Picnic

Vanessa DeYulius, M.P.H.’10. These days, Vanessa DeYulius is wearing two hats. As a New York State Office of Mental Health Bureau of Quality Improvement (BQI) staffer, she assists with the New York State Incident Management and Reporting System (NIMRS). “I facilitate the reporting, tracking and analysis of incidents occurring in mental health programs that may endanger the safety and well-being of clients and staff,” DeYulius explains. The Pennsylvania native also works as a part-time pet-nutrition specialist, “assisting customers with purchasing dog and cat food based on the nutritional needs of their pets.” Such “diverse” work experiences have been “invaluable,” adds DeYulius, whose long-term goal is “to secure a career promoting public health initiatives to improve communities’ quality of life.”