Who will you be in two years?

This is a difficult question to consider. Do thoughts immediately take you to professional pursuits, your family or your own well-being? A group of alumni considered this question on behalf of your Alumni Association. What do we want the Alumni Association to be in the fall of 2014?

After careful review of the needs of our alumni and alma mater, and thorough deliberation, the Alumni Association board of directors developed the three core statements below that will guide our programs, services and communications for the next two years. To be truly effective, though, we need to stay in touch with you to determine how we can best serve you and UAlbany. Please assist us with this ongoing assessment of our pursuits by helping us
answer three simple questions:

1. We are the lifelong connection to the University at Albany, with a strong worldwide presence and identity.

In what ways do you believe we can best achieve this global presence?

2. We are a leader in engaging alumni and students in the University at Albany through focused and meaningful communications and services that instill – with proven success – pride, spirit, loyalty and affinity.

What is the most meaningful service we can provide for you?

3. We are a visible, dynamic and successful Alumni Association, relevant and responsive to our alumni and students.

On Sept. 1, 2014, you would call the Alumni Association a success if we were_______________________________.

Help us continue the dialogue online at facebook/ualbanyalumni or e-mail us at [email protected]. I encourage you to stay connected because we truly welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how we can serve you better and how we collectively can Make UAlbany Stronger.

Lee Serravillo
Executive Director
UAlbany Alumni Association