Human Resources


At the University at Albany, we are committed to promoting life-long learning among our employees. Through many exciting career development workshops and tuition reimbursement programs, employees at all levels are encouraged to develop the core skills necessary for success and advancement within their chosen fields.

The Office of Human Resource Management provides the following services:

  • Consults with managers and supervisors on employee training needs.

  • Designs and delivers onsite training as time and resources permit.

  • Maintains contacts with outside agencies to formulate new training opportunities.

  • Coordinates enrollment in offsite training workshops.

  • Assists with voucher reimbursement program.

  • Markets training opportunities to employees.

  • Maintains on-site library of training materials for managers and supervisors.

Contact Christine Priest, Coordinator of Training and Development, for assistance, to requests brochures, or for comments/suggestions for improving this site.