Middle Earth Graduate Assistantships

Each spring semester beginning in mid-February, the Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program recruits graduate students from various departments and schools for one Hotline Coordinator and one Alcohol Prevention Coordinator assistantship position.

Each graduate assistantship carries a tuition waiver, and both assistantships carry a stipend that is based on the standards set by the State budget and GSEU contract.

Please send a letter of application and curriculum vitae (electronic submission via Microsoft Word files preferred) to:

M. Dolores Cimini, Ph.D.,
Assistant Director for Prevention and Program Evaluation
Director, Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program
University Counseling Center
400 Patroon Creek Boulevard Suite 104
Albany, NY 12206
Phone: 518-442-5800
Fax: 518-442-3096
Email: dcimini@uamail.albany.edu

The application deadline is April 1.

The Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer.

Position Descriptions

Hotline Coordinator
The Hotline Coordinator position involves oversight of the daily operation of the Middle Earth hotline service, which is staffed by undergraduate volunteers. The Hotline Coordinator is responsible for assisting with the delivery of six credit-bearing training courses for undergraduate peer assistants as well as providing ongoing supervision of undergraduate students working on the hotline. The incumbent will also carry performance evaluation duties for students who are enrolled in undergraduate courses that are affiliated with Middle Earth.

Alcohol Prevention Coordinator
The Alcohol Prevention Coordinator position involves responsibility for and supervision of alcohol prevention programs that range from National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week to the UAlbany Social Norms Campaign.  The position involves training and co-supervising members of the nationally recognized Middle Earth Outreach Education Program, including the Middle Earth Players which is a campus peer theater group.  The Coordinator oversees the administration and implementation of daily program operation pertaining to alcohol prevention, such as scheduling of workshops, theme weeks, peer theater group training and performances, informational events, as well as serving as a liaison with the campus community. The incumbent will also carry some teaching and supervisory duties for peer educators who are enrolled in undergraduate courses affiliated with Middle Earth.