ASDAC Mystery Shopper Program

The Mystery Shopper Program is an essential tool used to accomplish ASDAC’s mission of providing a positive UAlbany dining and vending experience. ASDAC members and UA students conduct unannounced mystery shopper evaluations in all UAlbany dining and vending locations and evaluate customer service, food quality, cleanliness, and merchandising.

Mystery shoppers submit a Mystery Shopper Form for each mystery shop completed. Mystery Shopper Forms are available online (via the links in this paragraph, or the purple "I Need..." box on the left) or at the SUNYCard Office. Completed Mystery Shopper Forms can be submitted in person at ASDAC meetings or at the SUNYCard Office. The names of Mystery Shoppers are entered into a weekly raffle for a $25 gift card and awards.

Information from the forms is entered into a dining and services data base. This information is reviewed at ASDAC meetings to identify trends, problem solve and develop action plans for continuous program improvement. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact UAS at