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Rachel Galatt, B.A.’94

Rachel Galatt

Filling a Niche for Expectant Moms

By Claudia Ricci, Ph.D.’96

When Rachel Galatt launched Maternal Science, Inc., and the healthy mama® brand in 2013, her business plan called for the company’s product line to be on shelves in Target, Walmart and CVS by 2016.

“We are a year ahead of my business plan,” says a delighted Galatt, who majored in Spanish and minored in business at UAlbany. “We are very blessed.”

One reason the company has been so successful so quickly is that it is filling a niche, supplying the safest over-the-counter drugs to treat the common symptoms of pregnancy. Each product is thoroughly researched and guaranteed to contain the safest active ingredients for pregnant women.

Another reason healthy mama® is growing like wildfire is because of the marketing. While its products are marketed through more traditional media outlets, the company is busy developing marketing initiatives for social media, as well.

The Galatt Family

Currently, healthy mama® has a website (, a Facebook page; a blog; and accounts with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The company works with an ad agency to design print and digital advertisements for Facebook. In addition, healthy mama® is in the process of hiring an agency that will be devoted specifically to promoting its products through social media.

“I believe in social media,” says Galatt. But she admits she’s “challenged” when it comes to navigating the social-media networks; they are “so fluid and constantly evolving.” For that reason, Galatt wants to make sure that she hires a very savvy and experienced agency.

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