Kevin and Lisa Ferentz

Kevin Ferentz, M.D., B.S.’79, & Lisa (Ettinger) Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA, B.A.’81

Rising Stars

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

They met, quite literally, on stage. Lisa Ettinger and Kevin Ferentz were theatre majors at UAlbany, and they were brought together by a production of the one-act play Impromptu.

“He was my leading man then, and he’s my leading man now,” noted Lisa with a smile.
Though they continue to nurture their love of acting and live theatre, Lisa and Kevin ultimately directed their careers to a different stage: the field of medicine.

Kevin Ferentz is the chief medical officer for Baltimore Medical System, Inc. – the largest group of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Maryland – and has been recognized as one of the top family physicians in America. Lisa Ferentz, president and founder of The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy and Training, Inc., is an award-winning clinical social worker.

Both Lisa and Kevin are longtime educators, as well as published authors and sought-after speakers in their respective specialties. They can attribute some success in medicine to their background in theatre.

“My background in acting has offered me many advantages – the ability to speak in front of an audience and to connect with people on an emotional level,” said Lisa.

“Training in the arts makes you better at what you do, no matter what profession you’re in,” added Kevin. “It makes you a more well-rounded person.”