MicroFridge Rentals



The MicroFridge is the only microwave allowed on campus. The MicroFridge is a three-in-one refrigerator, microwave and freezer. Students can rent or purchase units from Refrigerator Leasing Company. Total unit dimensions: 19"x21"x44".  

Model MicroFridge                         Microwave: .6 cubic feet
700 watt cooking power
Defrost and cook settings
Revolving glass plate

                         Freezer: 1.0 cubic feet
Zero degree

Refrigerator: 2.9 cubic feet
Interior and door storage shelves
Adjustable thermostat

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have a microwave in my residential quad dorm room?

The only microwave units approved for use in residential quad dorm rooms are the MicroFridge units.

Can I have a refrigerator in my residential quad dorm room?

Students are permitted to have refrigerators that are 6 cubic feet or less and meet electrical requirements stated in the Residence Hall License (see Residential Life for more info).

When should I order a MicroFridge?

Typically, orders are placed after housing information is released in early August and students discuss with their roommate(s). It is recommended to place orders within five days of selected delivery date. Units will still be available after the semester has started.

Can I purchase a MicroFridge?

Yes. Refrigerator Leasing Company sells new and used MicroFridges. After delivery it is your responsibility to transport the MicroFridge to and from campus if you chose to purchase.

How do I find more information?

You can find more information, including photos of products offered and delivery information on the Refrigerator Leasing Co. website

Can you tell me more about the Refrigerator Leasing Co.?

Founded in 1972, the Refrigerator Leasing Company, Inc. provides microwave / refrigerator / freezer units to more than 25 colleges in New York State and Massachusetts.  They are the longest continually operating refrigerator rental company in the country.  Their knowledgeable workforce provides convenient delivery and pick-up services, making the move-in and move-out process easier for you.

Refrigerator Leasing Company
179 River St.
Oneonta, NY 13820