Hybrid Truck Delivers to UAlbany Campus

By KC Orcutt, UAS

In continuing sustainability efforts, both UAlbany and Coca-Cola Refreshed have been working to find ways to reduce harm to the environment in UAlbany's community of 20,000 plus members and their day-to-day routine.  Part of that includes, Coca-Cola Refreshed, the beverage distributing company on campus.  The company has been focusing on the major goal of reducing waste in complimenting UAlbany's Green Scene's mission on campus to promote sustainability.  Coca-Cola Refreshed has implemented several tactics towards reducing environmental harm, including most recently, the use of hybrid delivery trucks.

Coca-Cola Refreshed has been using a hybrid delivery truck since the fall semester 2010.  There are currently 240 trucks in New York State and New York City, Coca-Cola Refreshed is testing delivery trucks that run on 100% electricity.  Currently, the hybrid delivery truck is the most beneficial in reducing waste emissions in Albany.  The hybrid delivery truck, which looks on the surface like an average 18-wheeler, is the largest truck of its kind in the nation and the specific vehicle is patented by Coca-Cola Refreshed.
The company also designed and currently executes a unique delivery system that optimizes delivery with minimal stops or idling, fuel usage and packing of products.

"We have a state of the art delivery system," explained Jeff Blanchard, the Sales Center Manager, "in addition to the truck being designed to our specifications.  We load the truck by stop, which saves both time and energy.  The trucks also have electric powered tailgates."
Coca-Cola Refreshed delivers to UAlbany's campus 3 times per week, delivering to all the retail and food service locations, including Outtakes and Barnes & Noble.  The truck is 30% more fuel-efficient than regular tractor trailers, and produces one-third less emissions, both while idling, stopped in traffic and during overall use.  The hybrid electric system that this specific truck also offers includes fuel savings of up to 35 percent, reduced maintenance, up to 87 percent reduction in idle times, quieter operations and better acceleration, making it what Coca-Cola Refreshed calls it, "a breath of fresh air in the commercial vehicle industry."

The Coca-Cola Refreshed Company also supplies beverages, such as Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, vitaminwater, POWERADE® and Minute Maid®, to energy efficient vending machines on our campus, made by GIII vending.  The machines are built exclusively for Coca-Cola products and are Energy Star Tier 2 compliant.  With UAlbany’s implementation of a Reverse Vending Machine on campus this Spring Semester, students can recycle in the Campus Center for a on-the-spot bottle deposit.

Each day, efforts and actions of efficiency, no matter how small or large, are not going unnoticed by members of UAlbany’s campus.