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Current Semester's Tuition Liability Information


If you do not plan to attend the University this term, you MUST notify the appropriate University Office (Withdrawals General Studies 442-5140; Withdrawals Undergraduate 442-5821; Graduate Students, Graduate Studies 442-3980 and Registrar 442-5540) or the charges will remain your personal obligation. Students who officially withdraw from the University or reduce the number of credits for which they are registered may be entitled to an adjustment of charges or a refund of amounts paid. Any refund or adjustment of charges will be based on the official drop/withdrawal date, not the date of last class attended.

Failure to pay the charges associated with registration will result in an increase in your liability.

Failure to pay tuition and fee charges by the invoice due date will result in assessment of late payment fees and/or interest charges. Interest will be assessed from the date of the presumed receipt of your initial invoice at the corporate underpayment rate set by the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance and will be compounded daily on the unpaid balance. To avoid the assessment of interest and/or late payment charges, you should pay the amount requested in full by the invoice due date. In addition, should you fail to pay this debt in full within ninety days of the presumed receipt of your semester invoice, a collection fee of up to 22% of the amount due, including interest, may be added to the amount that you owe. Unpaid charges may also have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Your registration constitutes acceptance of these terms