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Cable Television Service at UAlbany

To report problems with your cable service, please call Time Warner Cable at
Please notify the Time Warner Agent that you are a student at the University at Albany.

Cable television at the University at Albany is provided by Time Warner Cable.

2016 Cable TV Upgrade Information

The University at Albany is in the process of making some exciting upgrades to the cable lineup on campus. This includes upgrading to an all-digital, high-definition service on campus. We will add both one HBO and one Showtime channel for all residential students, as well as approximately 45 music channels at no charge.

Once the change has been made, all televisions will need to be equipped with a ClearQAM tuner to receive broadcasts. (Most TV sets manufactured after 2006 should be compliant). If your television does not have a ClearQAM tuner, a converter can be purchased.

The University is working with Time Warner Cable on scheduling this change, and we will communicate with the campus once we have more information.

In light of this change, we will no longer be offering individual accounts with either a set top box or DVR. These services will no longer function on the new platform but you will receive the current lineup until the upgrade is completed. Please contact Time Warner Customer Service at 844-725-4339 if you have any service issues.